The oh-so-tolerant Left is viciously attacking comedian Jon Lovitz — even calling him a “Nazi” — because he has the sheer audacity to believe he already pays his fair share of taxes.

On Wednesday, Allapundit predicted:

If they weren’t calling you a Nazi for that, they’d be calling you a Nazi for appearing on Fox.

Oh how right he was. The “new tone” was out in full force after Lovitz appeared on Hannity Thursday.!/EricoPaul/status/203694575016087552!/H8NNIBAL/status/203364342077460481!/H8NNIBAL/status/203364338298404864

Lovitz has a thick skin, but one attack was so vile, so beyond the pale, he couldn’t let it go:

Hitting Lovitz over his close friendship with Phil Hartman? Repulsive. Conservatives on Twitter rallied to Lovitz’s defense and lashed back at the despicable little troll.!/TTrsquare/status/203762268633182208!/Cowabunga/status/203788391379238913

Looks like Lovitz does have more than his fair share of something: class.

Here’s the video of his Hannity appearance: