As Twitchy reported earlier, uncovered a bombshell biography booklet of President Obama that listed him as being born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. Breitbart is not a “birther” site and pointing out that President Obama was never vetted, seems to invent “composites” of women and other things in his past should be done. It’s called journalism.!/Doc_0/status/203191902546313216

Some advise for you, President Obama: A little less inserting self in others’ biographies and a little more concentrating on your own. And we don’t mean the composite one.!/Doc_0/status/203193157897297920

The bombshell report wasn’t questioning Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate, it was questioning Obama himself: Why all the made up stuff always? It was also questioning the media. The mainstream media sure as heck didn’t vet Obama at all and they continue to refuse to do so.!/seanhackbarth/status/203190634251689985

They are too busy trying to bash Romney for “whatever it was I said.”!/BuzzFeedPol/status/203206828274892800

That’s more important than a completely crafted background and zero transparency, right?!/JammieWF/status/203191603614064641

The Left and members of the press immediately jumped all over and the story, rather than being, you know, reporters and finding out why Obama pulled an Elizabeth Warren.!/daveweigel/status/203185690157133824!/KatMcKinley/status/203189653854105602!/KatMcKinley/status/203189833714237441!/KatMcKinley/status/203193448709361664!/jaketapper/status/203187980200980480!/RichardGarrell/status/203190933196521472!/mattbramanti/status/203190396220747776!/RBPundit/status/203188321164333057

Including “research fellow” at Media Matters. Evidently, research – and reading – are hard.!/FigDrewton/status/203194035979042817!/owillis/status/203207715860910080!/owillis/status/203206629196439554

It proves that most of the media are hacks, Oliver. Also, your Palin crush is super embarrassing. You just can’t stop thinking about her, can you?

But, the story from the media will, of course, be “ZOMG look at those cuckoo pants birthers!!!111”!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/203184339893231616!/MattGertz/status/203197575606706176!/DrewMTips/status/203204204741926912!/DylanByers/status/203202772529709056!/DylanByers/status/203194174902779905

It’s old and stuff! Silly birthers! If it is so old, then why didn’t the media cover it before?

From Politico: surprises with an utterly reasonable editors note, before reporting on an old claim that Obama was born in Kenya:

Okay, we know journalism is hard for y’all, but reading is fundamental. They are not claiming he was born in Kenya. They are reporting on the fact that Barack Obama pulled a Warren and said he was born in Kenya.

The media should be questioning why President Obama needs to continuously hide behind pasts that have been constructed for him.!/baseballcrank/status/203201343333216257

Hey, remember when the press did that? No more. But luckily for us all, citizens are the new journalists.!/I_Hate_Hippies/status/203229137295511552