Some fun and some real truth to power. And it’s beautiful.

“Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity.

Independent thoughts are considered subversive.

Because all must agree with our Leader”

Assimilate and obey! Conform or “die on the floor.” You have the right to “choose,” unless it involves choosing your own thoughts.

Diversity of thought? What a concept! But it’s one lost on those who walk in lock-step with an anti-woman, Leftist agenda and those who seek to punitively shame others for refusing to toe that harmful line. You’ve come a long way, baby … to a demand for gender compliance.

Those who think for themselves know that the real “war on women” is being waged by President Obama and his fellow travelers. They seek to silence pesky women who dare think for themselves and who won’t remain relegated to government-approved (and invented) “women’s issues” as a way to make them shut up and stay out of the way. Let Big Daddy Government take care of you, silly damsels in distress, if you can even get up from your fainting couch. They know what’s best; they only seek to abuse and enslave you because they love you, you see.

“Not authentic” women are tired of being told that anti-woman NOW speaks for them and they are loving this SBA List video.!/jessicajames/status/202811499104841728!/backyardconserv/status/202816121458532352!/Karen4Congress/status/202799985283170304!/TsalagiMamaWolf/status/202797293341130753!/RememberComeNov/status/202792510664351744!/SheaMcG/status/202818186989674497

They are also signing the petition “respect my voice.”!/careerspecialis/status/202813341129900032!/shepherdsrest/status/202824022143139841

Now that’s “empowerment,” baby.