How hip and cool of him to visit a hipster deli to chat about economics with the skinny jeans wearing masses. Hope he’s not wearing his mom jeans! That would be awkward.!/markknoller/status/202768963158016000

“Laser like focus” on jobs, while inconveniencing workers for a super cool photo opportunity.!/ethanklapper/status/202769601090682880!/kombiz/status/202768587608432642!/aj_ashton/status/202764395233808385!/shiratoeplitz/status/202769473533517824!/elisefoley/status/202772079089688576

So fancy pants!!/SaraLibby/status/202770782739369988

Well, have you seen the price of arugula these days?!!/goingoutguide/status/202769743810281474!/jeneps/status/202768991230500866

He’s you.

FYI: Twitter predicted the visit. Not only does Twitter break news, but it foresees it!!/byersalex/status/202772394002223106