The alternative? Better than the almighty? Geez Louise, his hubris knows no bounds.

He also threw in a little race card for good measure.

Bunch of bitterly clinging xenophobes and all. That’s how he, you know, won last time.

Contessa Brewer is breathlessly tweeting about Obama on The View.

Yes, such hard hitting questions!!/GoodInsanity/status/202426072233545728

Swooning from the Left, based on important reasoning like “ZOMG so dreamy!!!!”!/Lil_mama927/status/202425339329253378!/RunwayBella/status/202425088438575104


He tells the truth for once! And don’t we know it. Long-winded, indeed. It’s hard to keep things pithy when talking down to everyone and lying; lies are complicated. What a tangled web and all. Plus, he and his team really stink at Twitter. They fail every time.

Typical ball and chain, are we right, fellas?

The “ladies” of The View can hardly keep themselves from simpering … or dropping their pants.!/madeleinemorgen/status/202420551002767360!/tyhummel/status/202424932087508993

Sheesh. Was she hoping he’d read some aloud to her?

And she sleeps with them under her pillow every night.


Creating. He is the alternative almighty and all. He can do it in only 5 days! More Obama in History moments.

Don’t count on it, champ.


Votes ‘present’ on his own grade this time; President Incomplete.

President downgrade, indeed. First our credit rating, now his own grades. Letter grades are hard. Vote incomplete!