A few weeks ago, Twitchy spotlighted comedian Jon Lovitz’s tweets taking on President Obama’s class-warfare demagoguery.

Our friend and longtime Internet scourge of the Left, PJM’s Zombie, has come up with an ingenious graph mirroring the famed Laffer Curve to explain the limits of wealthy Hollywood tolerance for wealth-bashing.

Meet the “Lovitz Curve:”

Keep the Laffer Curve in mind as we turn our attention to the astounding recent political transformation of comedian Jon Lovitz. On April 23, a recording of a Lovitz comedy routine savagely criticizing Obama’s “bullsh*t” class warfare rhetoric went viral on the Internet, and before long Lovitz was cropping up everywhere, in great demand as the spokesman for everyone disgusted by Obama’s claims that high earners “don’t pay their fair share” in taxes. And this is coming from a self-described Democrat who voted for Obama.

Most significantly, Lovitz claims that many of his fellow Hollywood liberals agree with him but are too afraid too say it publicly.

And then it struck me. Wealthy Hollywood liberals just love to skewer evil corporate fat cats and country-club Republicans, and up until now no one had encountered a limit to their enthusiasm for leftist class warfare rhetoric. And then…Obama went too far, and suddenly it got personal.

I realized that the principles behind the Laffer Curve also apply to the economic and political relationship between Democratic politicians and the Hollywood elite. Wealthy West Coast liberals will cheer on and swoon over any politician who engages in overheated class warfare rhetoric — up until a certain point, when it suddenly dawns on them that the rhetoric is aimed directly at themselves. Then very quickly their donations, fundraisers and helpful propagandizing start to dry up as the radical rhetoric begins to threaten them personally.

Just as in a Laffer Curve, Revenue and Support from Hollywood (RASH) is at a minimum for any politician who (like President Reagan, for example) doesn’t engage in talk of class warfare and refuses to demonize the rich; but it would also be at a minimum for any politician who’s so extreme (like Lenin, for example) that he’s likely to forcibly confiscate all the money and mansions of the wealthy Hollywood hypocrites. Somewhere in the middle, there is a perfect “sweet spot” for class warfare rhetoric that ensures maximum RASH — strong enough rhetoric to demonstrate your liberalism, but not so strong as to go “the full Vladimir.”

Click the link to see the chart. It’ll be fun to see @realjonlovitz ‘s reaction and ensuing Twitter debate.

In a bizarro development, Fox News cable king Bill O’Reilly is apparently furious with Lovitz for disrespecting Obama. Lovitz fans and fellow comedian Dennis Miller are standing by him and cheering him for refusing to apologize.