Someone — we’re not yet sure who — posted some truly stinky tweets from Kris Jenner’s Twitter account last night:!/KrisJenner/status/200415132843646978!/KrisJenner/status/200415133011415041!/KrisJenner/status/200416028449177601

(Click here if you want to see the truly disgusting  photo of Jenner’s alleged bowel movement.)

Jenner (or someone pretending to be Jenner) now alleges that the scatological tweets were posted by a “hacker” — perhaps a family member or close friend:!/KrisJenner/status/200422203894927362

We wonder if Jenner’s daughter Kendall was in on the poopy prank:!/KendallJenner/status/200414335162515456!/KendallJenner/status/200420543915245569


Daughter Khloe: “They got you good!”!/ForeverKhloe/status/200425269788549125

Daughter Kim feigns disgust then says Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner were responsible:!/KimKardashian/status/200428713547010049!/KimKardashian/status/200528988131688449!/KimKardashian/status/200532796878503936

Daughter Kourtney had a good laugh, too:!/KourtneyKardash/status/200434832990404609

Daughter Kendall doesn’t deny responsibility:

Kris Jenner promises revenge:!/KrisJenner/status/200425648488067073

You know, this is probably not the best way to promote  a new restaurant:!/ScottDisick/status/200432989837082625