In what is obviously the most hilariously awesome story of the night President Obama has been completely and utterly embarrassed by a federal inmate, Keith Judd,  in the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary. Apparently a lot of Democrats prefer a crazy criminal to their party’s sitting President. Yea.

Also, this is what Judd looks like:



As the final returns trickle in, Judd is gaining:!/TwitchyTeam/status/200097015240204290

Maybe Judd has some campaigning tips for Sen. Lugar?

Meanwhile, someone has created a Keith Judd parody page, and there is now a hashtag celebrating Judd’s surprisingly strong performance:!/KeithJudd4Prez/status/200085107841830912!/suziejoh/status/200081199148961792!/jacobkornbluh/status/200077244457160705

Someone should ask Judd if he would be open to the number 2 slot on the ticket:!/D_Nial/status/200097816067063808

Remember this?

West Virginians do.