Shut the windows! Seal the doors! The air has “tea bagger” cooties!

Some celebs have threatened to move to Canada if elections don’t go their way, but that might not be far enough away for Cher. Can she ever be certain she’s not breathing air that passed through the noses and mouths of Romney and his evil puppeteers?!/cher/status/199804393862868992

Anyone else curious how Cher decides what words deserve the all caps treatment? Seems a little haphazard, but since we’re not out of our minds with ignorant RAGE, maybe we’re not seeing the method to her madness.!/cher/status/199804802899771392

She has to go before she gets “a little perturbed”? Honey, that ship has sailed so far past perturbed it’s almost made its way home again. But at least she’s going to bed … or not:!/cher/status/199810100330905601

Those tea baggers really keep her up at night. She was all tucked in and then bam! Back for one more tweet.

Honestly, if Cher is really releasing a new song inspired by her early morning meltdowns, we can’t wait to see the reactions. Twitchy gold!


Apparently Cher thinks her tweet about “Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters” was so clever, she tweeted it again at 10:42 a.m. ET:!/cher/status/199871809586348034