Too bad  the administration is frantically trying to walk back the comments of the man you heart. Unrequited love hurts, doesn’t it?

The Good Wife star is also concerned with the most pressing issue of our time: lessening the scourge of slut-shaming.!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198565288483110912!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198634792261128193

The sane already know this is cuckoo pants. But that aside, were she a thinking woman, she’d also realize that putting the government in charge of our health care does that. Seriously, does she trust the government with a speculum? But, abortion! That’s sacrosanct, natch.!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198805250453405696!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198805965825511424

Nothing else to do? You mean like a Twibbon campaign in support of sluts and stuff?!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198807377728909313!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198808233203351552!/MarthaPlimpton/status/198808564419145730

Sigh. Someone is a desperate Woodstock-wannabe. Good grief! The same lame lines since the 1960’s.

She also re-tweeted this absurdity.!/lizzwinstead/status/198832121744338945

You mean like Julia? The destiny of being controlled by The State from cradle to grave, tethered and enslaved?

No thanks.