Conservatives noted that Obama’s campaign rallies this weekend were populated by a particular type of person:!/ExJon/status/198936187740753921

But where conservatives saw ideological conformity, the Left saw a bumper sticker-worthy scene of diversity. Their collective “squeeeeee!” zipped around Twitter.!/SineQuaN0nUSA/status/198958666324512768!/gregpinelo/status/198968074194530304!/Chernynkaya/status/198929352669396992!/ReignOfApril/status/198826822182518784!/ChicoDelainky/status/198895109327167488!/allymanning/status/198834201045372928

Really, guys? You’re still playing the racial bean counting game? Of course you are. That’s how the Left operates. Well, two can play at that game:!/mboyle1/status/199345832917598208

A civil rights attorney told The Daily Caller:

The workforce is overwhelmingly made up of young white males [and is] a demographic profile that could raise red flags under both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

It appears the Obama campaign acted stupidly and the unbearable whiteness of being Obama HQ may violate civil rights laws.

Paging Eric Holder: the Obama campaign may have more than its fair share of typical white people. Holder? Holder? Holder?