Rut roh. The horrendous job numbers have prone-to-meltdowns DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse in a tizzy. Deflect, deflect!!/woodhouseb/status/198417501963554817!/woodhouseb/status/198418489831211009!/woodhouseb/status/198418731569905664

Way to get your asinine talking points from Cher, dude. We know you consider gay people to be sort of like pets, but they can think for themselves, you know. And people do leave campaigns on their own; Richard Grenell did. He resigned. It was his own choice (what happened to the lip service y’all usually pay to “choice”?)

Still, Woodhouse can’t stop. This is evidently the most pressing issue of our times.!/woodhouseb/status/198420103623221249!/woodhouseb/status/198420283042971649!/woodhouseb/status/198421626965073923!/woodhouseb/status/198423853393907713!/woodhouseb/status/198425509560991746

Sorry, buddy. But the voices of intolerance came from the Left, due to some snarky tweets y’all frantically spun as “sexist” to fit your “war on women” meme. The Left claimed he should never have been hired.

So which is it, toots? We’ll wait.

Further, the Left continues to spew gay slurs as insults. But you don’t really care about that, do you?!/v3ngenz1/status/198123551121866753!/KINGBIGGGZ/status/198399188663418880

And here’s the reason for Woodhouse’s panic, which he inadvertently exposed when he retweeted this.!/MelanieDNC/status/198427670655152130

Nice try, Brad. Trying to deflect from President Obama’s failures by falling back on using identity politics and false narratives.

Maybe next you’ll trot out a composite gay man as a BFF for composite Julia so you can have Big Daddy State enslave him from cradle to grave, too.