The Left has been busily spinning the resignation of Romney spokesman Richard Grenell as some sort of anti-gay agenda by icky old Rethuglicans!!111 Some, like Cher, aren’t just spinning but are outright lying by claiming he was fired.

But how does the Left stand up for and “support” gay people? Oh, by hurling gay slurs at anyone with whom they disagree. See, to them, being gay is a bad thing and worthy of insult.!/hrhsar/status/198028039572037632!/CarveTalk/status/197762742277513216!/patapj/status/197606937897078784!/FreeDonBullet/status/197423159417384960!/ptrdo/status/197868034646478848!/MEAN_MARINE/status/197731195805642752!/doggod51/status/197190018186485760

In response to nearly everything, the Left uses homophobic slurs in an attempt to insult people.!/CarveTalk/status/197061873936515072

And a gay man who strays from the Democrat plantation? Not allowed.!/Pct3200/status/197845884577390593

The Left is homophobic and anti-gay, not the Right. The Left believes that, like gender, one’s sexuality must be tied to one’s politics. They use gay people to further political agendas only and will use being gay as a way to punitively shame someone. Meanwhile, they disrespect gay people so much that their go-to insult always is to insinuate that someone is gay. They did it to Andrew Breitbart all the time.

Joan Walsh did it recently as a way to try to insult Dick Armey and Rush Limbaugh.

Anti-gay? Look in the mirror, Lefties.