The gushy Twitter besties are still making kissy-faces at each other:!/McCainBlogette/status/197462637347483649

Wait, she’s, like, totally sick of partisan politics and she’s sucking up to…Sandra Fluke? Bahahaha! Thanks for the giggles, ladies.!/SandraFluke/status/197477777409187840

During Meggie Mac’s appearance on Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation” yesterday, she took exception to Twitchy noting her blossoming friendship with Fluke:!/FloraDuh1/status/197662435602219008

An “absolute manic rampage”? Stop! Our bellies are aching from the giggle fits!

Does this strike you as “an absolute manic rampage”? Maybe, but only if, like liberal bootlicker Meghan McCain, you get your talking points about the manufactured War on Women from Media Matters.