The final solution? Precious. This is how liberals do “new tone.”

Remember when dissent was patriotic? That was back when the “Impeach Bush” movement was in full swing. Now that we have a progressive president and grassroots conservatives are using Twitter to fight back against liberal distortions, lies, and false narratives, dissent ain’t lookin’ so sweet to the Left.

Last night Twitchy reported that liberals had launched an assault on conservative Twitter users, reporting them as spam to trigger account suspensions and renewing their abuse of the flag-spam feature when conservative accounts were reinstated. After a Twitter uproar, conservative activist Chris Loesch’s account was restored, but only briefly:

Opposing views have lost their sex appeal. Oh, but they’re not appointing themselves jury, judge, and executioner to quash dissent. No, instead they’re brave warriors fighting the good fight against the high crime of … douchebaggery?

And antagonism:

Aw, poor babies. However do these princesses sleep when there’s a pea under the mattress?

Many supporters of the flag-spam warfare are spreading vile falsehoods about banned users:

And Charles Johnson is topping off the lies with the always classy game of  “you asked for it, sweetheart”:

Falsely reporting Chris Loesch’s account as spam is apparently a-okay because his wife, editor Dana Loesch, is a rabid dog or something:

But lefties can’t seem to get their stories straight, because some are pushing the idea that conservatives are conspiracy nuts for even suggesting there’s an organized effort to get conservative accounts suspended:

Out come the Bible references:

And mockery:

Here’s a glimpse of what the Left really hopes to achieve with its mob tactics:

The Left wants to wear down conservatives until they crawl away defeated, tails between their battered and bloody legs. Silencing the Right is not enough; they want conservatives to disappear from the public sphere. We hope these Twitter vigilantes aren’t holding their breath—conservatives don’t retreat, we reload.