Sermons. He has the cojones to call his violence-inciting speeches “sermons!” You haven’t changed, Al, nor has the blood on your hands been washed away. In fact, you … and the media that pimps you .. are complicit in fomenting racial discord and violence.

Twitter users let Al Sharpton know that they see through his staggering and hateful lies.!/JMGthehellbilly/status/196593995156172800!/AngusMcKeogh/status/196579182329872385!/bartman4862/status/196577771403751425!/skyit24/status/196558563928322049!/YodaJediGeneral/status/196558522043994112!/pat_turley/status/196577412476178432!/NoEmptySuits/status/196576265204023296!/JayBelize23/status/196571807610966016!/ConservativeVT/status/196560823039164416

Indeed. Call them “sermons” all you want, Al, but we know what they really are. Race-baiting for your own benefit at the expense of innocent people and the country as a whole. What’s a little violence if it lines your pockets, right Al?