Hey, how ’bout that? Dan Savage, self-styled crusader against hate speech, seems to have incited a little hate speech of his own. Who could’ve seen that coming?

How will Mr. Gun Down the ‘Christian Republican Fucktards’ live with the utter disappointment? He was salivating for a good ol’ fashioned massacre, but instead, Dan Savage wimped out during his anti-bullying speech and simply spewed slurs at a roomful of high school students who dared to disagree with him.!/TGR_EthanSabo/status/196202575291359234

Bullying for me, but not for thee?

As many as 100 teens at the National High School Journalism Conference walked out in protest when Savage launched his anti-Christian, profanity-laced rant. But since the kids were probably those icky Bible-thumping Christo-fascists, Savage heckled them, calling them “pansy asses” as they left the room.!/mkhammer/status/196182474315927553!/JadedByPolitics/status/196187693468749824!/coppernickel119/status/196084678086754304!/FreddyCardoza/status/196095482500624384!/levO11/status/196139826985172992!/thesavvy/status/196037778813886464!/bibleisland/status/196062734637469697

Worth noting:!/toddstarnes/status/196021886172413953

Here’s some video from Savage’s speech: