Fox News’ Monica Crowley made a little funny on Twitter today. The joke fell a bit flat. Hey, not everything can be Twitter gold, right? The proper, good-natured ribbing response by people who are not insane and bitter?!/daveweigel/status/195575933414031360

Normal people have a sense of humor and don’t get all bent out of shape and offended at every single thing on the entire planet. Always.

But to the Left? An excuse to spew hate and misogyny all in the name of … defending women? It’s okay for me, but not for thee, natch. How dare Monica Crowley make a joke about a woman?! Let’s respond with vile slurs and incredibly sexist attacks! That’ll show ’em!!/recklessintent/status/195577053624549377!/DieRobinsonDie/status/195573030724976640!/amaditalks/status/195576920103059456!/LeGozer/status/195576845163429888!/DieRobinsonDie/status/195576714347282433!/mikeyNOTmickey/status/195573055131631617!/SPeteDave/status/195576381508296704!/KipDrordy85/status/195579572115353601!/jefflongga/status/195575996919988224

And win:!/NathanWurtzel/status/195576861970022401

THAT is how you make a funny, people.

Stay strong, Monica. You rock, sister!

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