No, really! See, it’s totally simple! Here’s how it works:

The wind blows. A lot. You with us? OK. So. We use that wind to generate electricity. We store that electricity in batteries. Like, vehicle batteries.

And where does one find lots of vehicles? Why, the USPS! The USPS fleets are currently made up of “old, in some cases dilapidated” trucks. What we do is, we replace those dinosaurs with new trucks that run on wind-powered batteries.

Get it? No? Well, perhaps Sen. Tom Carper can do a better job of explaining it:

It’s moments like this when we know we can truly be proud of our government.!/DarrellIssa/status/195244070770180096!/stevecoplon/status/195242143894339584!/TheHuisman/status/195199137308876800!/BradJRobinson/status/195247850047815680!/TekJim/status/195262224057630723!/DarrellIssa/status/195244782119944193

Now, now, Rep. Issa. Don’t be so quick to write off Sen. Carper’s idea. Mayhaps D.C. can be ground zero for testing! There’s always plenty of wind coming outta there.