Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) will release his tax returns and he challenges Democrat senate candidate Elizabeth Warren  to match. She is, of course, hedging. Ms. Pro-Buffett rule  doesn’t like it known that she’s one of those “one percenters.”

Bad news for Warren and her fellow Democrats, right? Not according to Chuck Todd who absurdly spins it into a lame attempt to bash Mitt Romney. Luckily, many see through the media bias and Chuck doesn’t take kindly to it. In fact, he resorts to insults.!/chucktodd/status/194797176998727681

Just some silly rube from the “unwashed masses”, Chuck? Twitter users refuse to back down.!/ExJon/status/194798234730897408!/ExJon/status/194799170765336577!/cactusncarolina/status/194799672332787712!/CalebsLiver/status/194804967339606017!/travis10brink/status/194802699110318081!/BPCoughlin/status/194801357314727938!/travis10brink/status/194802387259633664

Twitter wins yet again. Perhaps Twitter should hijack Anderson Cooper’s phrase of “keeping them honest.” We do a better job of it, clearly.


#ChuckToddScoops started as a result of Chuck Todd’s absurdity. Twitter gold.!/ExJon/status/194804049273556992!/ExJon/status/194805268985544704!/StrokesofCandor/status/194806230617821185

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