President Obama’s oh-so-humble “I am your bucket list” offer for a chance to dine with him and George Clooney isn’t going over so well.!/cFidd/status/194809774792118272!/davesund/status/194805481146032129!/Mr_Fastbucks/status/194812210327977986!/debaser/status/194812346697388032!/Kayla_Harvey/status/194813134010204160!/REM63489/status/194813825244082176!/rachsyme/status/194821722363531268!/DrewHampshire/status/194818046420992000

Obama is a man of the “one percent” people. I mean, he and Michelle live a “fearsomely expensive” lifestyle and all. The stress it must cause him! How will Michelle get the latest Louis Vuitton purse?!/mollyesque/status/194813596419624961!/MF_Ball/status/194816914156044290!/WilliamKramer/status/194819170209247233!/baseballcrank/status/194824123871010816

Exactly. That’s why he is pulling this stunt; donations are down. Cash strapped? Pimp out the White House using the swoony to some lure of Clooney.

“With big checks no longer flowing as quickly into his campaign, Mr. Obama is leaning harder on his grass-roots supporters, whose small contributions make up well over half of the money he raised through the end of March, according to reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.”

Suck it up and cough up the dough, rubes.!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/194825322477260801!/edietel/status/194815918138855425

Worth the $3.00 for that alone?

Party like a Secret Service agent is the new party like a rock star.