In March, Angie’s List sent out a noncommittal tweet indicating the company was not “currently advertising” on Rush Limbaugh’s website.

Media Matters immediately listed Angie’s List as one of the advertisers that had “abandoned” Limbaugh.

But apparently, Angie’s List did no such thing.

Which means it’s time for a reboot of the lefty bullying campaign orchestrated by Angelo Carusone, Director of Online Strategy for Media Matters. This is how it’s done:

Go Go Gadget, astroturf!

Members of the Hush Rush mob are, of course, taking their marching orders like good little foot soldiers:!/HateFree_Speech/status/192660142406385664

There are hundreds more where those came from.

Let’s hope that even with this campaign of intimidation, Angie’s List sticks to its policy of including “many venues”—even conservative ones–in its advertising strategy.

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