Clearly his presidential aspirations were no flash in the pan.

And the man makes a strong case for himself!!/JoseCanseco/status/192636976481046528!/JoseCanseco/status/192641527946809345

There is no “I” in “team.” He needs us, and we need him. Now more than ever.!/JoseCanseco/status/192651262976720897

Unless your name is Maurice or Aouad. If that’s the case, he doesn’t want your vote.!/JoseCanseco/status/192647923027292160!/JoseCanseco/status/192648127835152384

But think about it: when our economy is in the toilet and our outlook is bleak, what this country really needs is a sensei. José Canseco wants to be. Our. Sensei.!/JoseCanseco/status/192653246647631872!/JoseCanseco/status/192653862006558720

That’s deep, yo.