After GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney wished his wife Ann a happy birthday on Twitter this morning,  liberals quickly responded with the new tone-y vitriol we’ve come to expect. They also attacked Mrs. Romney for saying, “It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother.”!/OccupyGay/status/191877132576751617!/yirzmb/statuses/191774940582789120

Clearly not an attack on women? What about calling one vile slurs? The lack of self-awareness is astounding. The reason that it was an early birthday gift is because the Left showed its true colors. Being a bit obtuse, lefties don’t understand that so they are continuing to expose themselves and their misogyny.!/electronicoffee/status/191769513350533122!/Artistscott/status/191758201656590336!/missmilano1/status/191887666785165312

Fake outrage? Our outrage is real. And it’s spectacular. But keep digging, Left.!/LOrion/status/191733449533562880!/TheActualTodd/status/191899453047832576!/santorioum/status/191904516457758720!/justinbennett12/status/191884139115446273

Empowering! The Left continuing to fully expose itself is an early gift for us all.!/chloedutch/status/191885732489605120!/cavsfanaholic/status/191897768724402177

Mitt Romney and his sons released a lovely birthday video to honor Mrs. Romney today. We’re thinking that will go a long way toward helping her tune out the Left’s nastiness.