Twitchy is continuing to monitor the Occupy movement’s “spring training” activities on Twitter. The hashtag #M1GS” stands for May 1st General Strike — a nationwide protest to voice dissatisfaction with the nation’s high unemployment rate by…urging everyone to stop working. Or as one Occupier put it, “dont (sic) do shit.”

Bay Area Occupiers voted this weekend to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge. New York City Occupiers are still sleeping on Wall Street (when they’re not smashing Starbucks windows and calling for police to die).!/The__Freeman/status/191721432202493952!/OccupyWallStNYC/status/191604080584556544!/PeggySue_6/status/191739573360001024!/OccupyLA/status/191650609735274497!/OccupiedOakTrib/status/191671732166328320!/Jayron26/status/191671581293035520!/sleeponwallst/status/191394040871256065!/biggovt/status/191719444253384705!/BuenaVista28/status/191711074364571649

One genius Occupier decided to show his support for the working class by vandalizing a bathroom and making a janitor’s life miserable. Solidarity!!/ClassWarCamp/status/191729565444481024


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On December 19th, 2011, Occupy Los Angeles General Assembly consented upon the following statement:
“Occupy LA supports in principle a General Strike on May 1, 2012, for migrant rights, jobs for all, a moratorium on foreclosures, and peace – and to recognize housing, education and health care as human rights, and calls for the building of a broad coalition to make that a reality.”

Occupations across the world have made similar calls for a General Strike, or day of economic disruption, in direct response to Occupy Los Angeles, or through a synchronicity of thought, a buzzing hive mind that feels the need to express solidarity with movements and people throughout the world who honor May Day and see this years expression of that as our next major step.


The latest from the Occupy Wall Street sleepers…


@Maddley points out that the pipe-wielder was whining about, yes, police brutality, last fall:!/maddleyburns/status/191632189086113792!/RaysCandyStore/status/191440310776250368!/Nickarama1/status/191719464843227136

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