Sigh. There’s no escaping politics — even on singing contest TV shows. While many viewers tune in to Fox’s American Idol to escape the cable news gab-fests, a stubborn segment of the audience can’t help but see political/ideological goblins lurking in every corner. Tonight, the show ended in a dramatic (producer-contrived or not? who knows?) moment for popular top contestant Jessica Sanchez. The California teen, who happens to be part-Filipina, part-Mexican, ranked in the bottom three of seven according to America’s votes. She was forced to sing in a bid for mercy (a “save”) from the judges. They rushed on stage to rescue her from the indignity and used their one-time-only waiver to allow her to compete next week.

Sanchez is phenomenally talented, but her bland personality is overshadowed by some of the older, more seasoned, or more charismatic contestants. Another possible factor: Male contestants tend to fare better on the show because of their more ardent female fan bases. There hasn’t been a female winner in five seasons.

But never mind those inconvenient factors.

AI watchers rushed to Twitter to play the race card, with a few rare, level-headed exceptions. So much for post-racial America!!/Tpk1987/status/190629771691032578!/EBBrich/status/190637349779144704!/Zee_Beydoun/status/190606129569607681!/applegrace/status/190628458844528640!/Queenbhie/status/190745406135730176!/zsharmela/status/190736096584409088