It isn’t just the bold and entertaining content of Sen. Chuck Grassley’s tweets that’s captured the attention of the Twitterverse. Twitter users, including Stephen Colbert, are enthralled by the l33tspeaky deliciousness of the 78-year-old senator’s Twitter dispatches.

So it was only a matter of time before #igotthetweetslikegrassley was born.!/StephenAtHome/status/189926362239352832!/StephenAtHome/status/189944968427737089!/StephenAtHome/status/189957995457814528!/StephenAtHome/status/189965510333566976!/StephenAtHome/status/189971497572511744!/StephenAtHome/status/189984197748850688!/StephenAtHome/status/189988462701723648!/StephenAtHome/status/190005703874846720!/StephenAtHome/status/190016509484085248

In a recent interview, Grassley explained why his tweets frequently contain typos and creative punctuation:

I suppose a lot has to do with the automatic correcting done by my iPhone. Second, I love Tweeting, but I don’t like to type. So, I probably type and hit send a little too quickly.

Don’t ever change, Senator.

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