This morning President Obama delivered a lengthy statement to Congress about an upcoming vote on oil subsidies. His pitch: cut them and invest more in clean energy – ie: let’s give more money to companies like Solyndra, which was an ultimate fail and wasted more than $500 million in taxpayer money.!/JDCorbin50/status/185382869294792704

But as most of his speeches are, President Obama was speaking to divide the country against Congress and Washington, placing himself on the side of “the American people” hoping to gain extra boost in poll numbers for the upcoming election. Well, as his advisors forget to tell him, America isn’t as dumb as he thinks. Here’s a bit of the reaction:!/PaulTownleyGI/status/185381076074627073!/KatiePavlich/status/185382367333072897!/QuinHillyer/status/185381975379554304!/JohnstonTea/status/185381071607709698!/RichardGrenell/status/185381968375058432!/saeverley/status/185382009537953792!/obama_countdown/status/184640929683087362