After everything that has happened in the case of Trayvon Martin, Spike Lee has come to terms and apologized via Twitter for tweeting an incorrect home address. It was one that ultimately led to the endangering of an elderly couple in Florida. But, he left out one thing in that apology: he didn’t apologize for attempting to tweet George Zimmerman’s address, just for tweeting the wrong one. Basically, a half-apology.!/red_red_head/status/185180355953831936!/MangyLover/status/185183066396966915!/Crys_LiiT3/status/185184667039838208!/PATR2012/status/185183024403587072

But, what more can you expect from a man so low to endanger another man without knowing the facts of the situation.

Update: as of 7:05 am ET on March 29, Lee still has not deleted the reweets containing the incorrect address: