After an explosive murder case over racial discrimination blew up in the media, citizens have united tonight in Union Square, New York City, in support of the 17 year-old boy who was killed in Florida last month. Activists for Martin’s justice are standing together with protesters over the lack of attention brought to this case by Florida prosecutors, ultimately resulting in the freedom of the accused murderer, George Zimmerman. Marchers have dubbed the march “Million Hoodies” in support of what Martin was wearing the day he was killed, a hoodie.

Celebrities have been a large part of this movement and spotlight of media attention. Filmmaker Michael Moore, also an advocate of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is in attendance tonight in New York. Here are ground reports of the rally taking place tonight.!/katz/status/182649970392965120!/WSJ/status/182587217171058689!/elonjames/status/182611480213078016!/BuzzFeedBen/status/182612690957631489!/KIMosahbii/status/182616997840945152!/taylorenee/status/182616627987230720!/nyciso/status/182616627664273408!/SocialistViews/status/182606881460731905!/allisonpalmer/status/182615821498073088!/sistrenista/status/182620278331949057!/EbsTheWay/status/182620038963019777

Twitchy will continue to monitor the rally and update this post as needed.