After news broke today that the head coach for the New York Knicks, Mike D’Antoni, had resigned after the team’s sixth straight loss, reports immediately began to fluster that Phil Jackson would be coming to the Knicks to replace him – or at least should come to the Knicks.

Jackson, a world-famous NBA coach for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, is also a former player for the Knicks, having played in both the 1970 and 1973 championship games for the team. After all the buzz this afternoon of fans across the Twittersphere begging Jackson to move out of retirement to coach the Knicks, he immediately began to trend nationwide online.

Here’s some commentary and reaction to the news from this afternoon:!/FairfieldsOwn/status/180072138533904385!/mowilliams/status/180001360480178176!/BennyG1523/status/180075357091799040!/2dashtone/status/180074525516496896!/TheeGiftOfGab/status/180069466271531011

There is one vital consensus on Twitter that seems only people who aren’t fans of the Knicks are saying: Jackson isn’t moving from beach life, and if he did, it wouldn’t be to coach the Knicks.!/basketballtalk/status/180000164201771009!/teamKB24/status/180013489690132480!/jemelehill/status/180001656417681408!/JLaPuma/status/179999568149233665!/BigEarlAndersoN/status/180069609645424640

If you know anything about basketball, you’d know that man isn’t moving from his beach chair in sunny SoCal. I know I wouldn’t.