After a controversial interview in which CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attacked’s Joel Pollack as uninformed on Critical Race Theory, many critics took to twitter to complain about Soledad’s bias. So Soledad did another segment on CNN this morning with a liberal professor Dorothy Brown, which again claimed that Joel Pollack was wrong. Check out the video of the segment from Breitbart TV.

conservative critics weren’t satisfied at all with that segment, either. The Right Sphere even pointed out that Professor Brown’s book contradicts what she and Soledad said on CNN. So when Soledad told everybody to stop tweeting her about Critical Race Theory at the end of the segment, you can imagine how that went over. Not well.

Here are the top 20 #stoptweetingSoledad tweets:!/PamelaSeley/status/179357331023331328!/tropicaljames/status/179342362747736064!/bobbathehut/status/179312447834951680

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