As Twitchy told you last night, Arby’s Group has blocked upset conservative customers on Twitter.

Now this information comes to light from The Right Sphere:

Hala Moddelmog, president of Arby’s Group, Inc. who just pulled its Arby’s ads on Rush Limbaugh’s show, is not just an Obama donor like David Friend of Carbonite, Inc. In fact, Moddelmog donated to John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle.

  • Eric H.

    I didn’t really need another reason to not go to Arby’s, but thanks anyway.

  • Floridawhitesands

    I appreciate never having to go to Arby’s also!!!  THANK YOU Hala!!  And remember… it doesn’t take much with the tight margins in fast food ‘restaurants’ to go under… just sayin’ if all the conservatives now just stop supporting your fast food restaurants as you stopped your support for Rush….that should do it!!!  

  • Founders1791

    Arby’s is diarrhea waiting to happen …
    BUY CHICK-FIL-A…real Conservatives that cares about ‘you’.

  • lukuj

    I’m blocking Arby’s from my list of where to eat.

  • $23438681

     Predict that the board of directors will start blocking Hala’s salary soon. What a stupid business person. The board may not care that she donates to liberals, but they do care about brand damaging decisions.

  • ComanderCody

    Typically those that get side-ways with Limbaugh end up on the short end of the stick.

    Love that Chick-Fil-A

  • Mark81150

    So,.. progressives don’t like money from conservatives now?

    or is it, they do like the money, just don’t want us to have any kind of free speech,.. and don’t like getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

    I’ll feed the family elsewhere,.. they have better food anyway.. and you can buy curly fries at the grocery store.

  • Sencho

    These are still just local, regional ads – not the big national block the Obama camp claimed to get.

    Pathetic…almost as bad as the inhuman food served at Arby’s.

  • Mark

    I guess Hala Moddelmog just has a thing about donating to ethically- and legally-challenged presidential candidates. “Love children,” cattle futures, and illegal credit card campaign donations anyone?

  • Mark Campbell

    Liberal ideology trumps pragmatic thought resulting in lost business for Arby’s. They just blew a marketing campaign with an audience of ~20 million listeners and loyal consumers in some markets and she bears full responsibility for it. The free-market will decide the results. She is not an attractive person either.

  • Stephen Oliver

    It’s my understanding they had no ads to “pull” as they never advertised with Rush.

  • Michele Toth- Holt

    Don’t like their over priced food anyway….but I will make sure and share this with all my conservative friends and let them make their minds up on whether their money should benefit Arby’s or not.

  • Cham4Cons

    Arby’s, who eats this crap anymore? If these fast food/beverage people dont stick together they will be the next big tobacco.

    Too bad these presidents dont realise they are being hoodwinked by a very small group of fanatics.

     Chic Fillet , ALL THE WAY!

  • GravityRX

    Hit back Short Sell WEN on the NYSE – Let’s see how long she keeps her job.

    • CatyMac9948

      Arby’s is NO LONGER publicly traded; it went pvt last year. WEN is the symbol for Wendy’s, whose owners sold Arby’s. Don’t hit Wendy’s with any of this, they had nothing to do with thus stupidity!!

  • jmatt55

    This is retarded, you guys.  If Arby’s “hated conservatives” then why would they advertise on Rush’ show to begin with?  Use your brain.

    • cjkcjk

      What’s retarded is your reading comprehension. I don’t see anyone saying Arby’s hates conservatives.

  • Chan38

    Another conservative with a large and extended family and I’m proud to say we are done with Arby’s (not that its that tough of a decision to be honest)…..The food id mediocre at best, no wonder they issue such generous coupons

  • Mike Murray

    Heh, no more arbys

  • Glenn Babcock

    No more #Arby ‘s sandwiches for this #oldguy

  • YahooCensors

    I thought Libturds were vegetarians? Didn’t Arbys close 20 years ago?  She’s just another lying drone libturd heterophobe. Arbys never sponsored Rushs Limbaughs show,