Twitchy covered this story yesterday:

The family of 18 year old Ervin Jefferson is grieving, aching for police to investigate the two men who shot and killed Ervin outside the family’s home Saturday night.

Now an update from WSBTV:

Police confirmed they have arrested two security guards who are accused of shooting a DeKalb County teen, but the charges stem from an incident from moments before the shooting.

Channel 2’s Carl Willis was there when police announced the security guards had been arrested on charges of impersonating an officer.

Now investigators said they’re collecting evidence to find out if the shooting, which happened off apartment property near the Village at Wesley Chapel Apartments, was justified.

  • jistincase

    Was the teen black? Someone call Jessica and not so Sharpton and get them over there stat. We need some national outrage over this!/ 

    • Jonathan

      These two guys have been arrested, Zimmerman has not.  So what does anyone need to be outraged over?
      Jeez, you white-wing retards are so dumb. Even when you try to be sarcastic you just make yourselves look stupid.

      Perhaps you should call your other racist pals and have them demonize the victim of this crime like you did Trayvon. That’s much more your speed.

      • ajd1

        are you kidding? trayvon was a delinquent, out of school on suspension, in a gated community that he did not live in, who started the fight in the first place. are you aware he beat up zimmerman, punching him in the face and slamming his head on the pavement, verified by eye-witnesses, and zimmerman called for help but no one did and so he pulled his gun. i’m sure you would’ve done the same, regardless of your attacker’s race. do the research b4 you call someone a victim – sheesh. by the way, trayvon’s mom is trying to make money off of this, filing for a trademark on ‘justice for trayvon,’ while she has conveniently sealed records on why her son was suspended in the first place. check out the police report and actual recording of zimmerman calling for help – that’s not trayvon’s voice screaming in the background, he was the perp!  

      • AJCalvarese

        They have been arrested on unrelated charges. Maybe you should be more like us “white wing retards” and read the story. I believe the victim was also black soooo…. nothing to see here! move along people!

  • Williams

    yes we need to burn something down

  • ⚓ Dave S ⚓

    If only the killers were ‘white-hispanics’ then we could all get whipped up into a tizzy over this.