From the Orlando Sentinel:

Preaching before an estimated 1,600 people Sunday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said the death of Trayvon Martin could be a tragic moment or the beginning of a movement.

“How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change?” Jackson told the capacity crowd at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville. “If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war.”


When asked about the New Black Panthers offering a ‘reward’ for the capture of George Zimmerman, Jackson quickly says he doesn’t know anything about it and changes the subject…

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  • DeafRanger

    “Time for war”? Does this sound like inflammatory rhetoric to you?  What would happen if a white person said this?  It’s time to stop this vitriolic rhetoric and to use our brains to think not our emotions.  It’s letting the caboose drive the train, or the cart pull the horse, it just does not make sense to talk this way.  We want justice, not for one or the other, we just want justice.As Jaun WIlliams said recently, …where is the outcry about “black on black” crime? We need to seek justice for all situations of injustice.

    Jackson said, “we need to get these assault weapons off of the streets.”  First, it was not an assault weapon, it was a handgun. Calling it a an assault weapon, again is inflammatory, working on people’s emotions and it doesn’t begin to target the problem. 

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  The answer is not to remove the guns – this is trying to use this situation to promote an agenda.  Actually, that is demeaning to the person who died.  It makes their life/death simply an object for promoting a “cause” and removes its intrinsic value.

    As  I said, we need to think with our brains and not with our glands.

  • AJCalvarese

    Jesse is right, black people ARE under attack. From other black people. Young black men kill other young black men everyday in this country and aren’t arrested due to this ‘stop snitching’ nonsense. But the martin-zimmerman shooting was chosen to be the left’s totally outrageous outrage of the week for obvious reasons. Last week it was rush-fluke, I lose track of their fake outrage sometimes.

  • rf_in_va

     The agenda from Jackson (and Sharpton) is to put themselves back into the spotlight once again after being bumped down to obscurity by the election of BHO. Every time something like this happens they pretend to care about the family involved and again try to make the case for a black/white imbalance in the justice system for their own benefit.

    And to call a pistol an assault weapon is a real reach. Sounds like he has been conversing with Holder again.

  • Constance

    The problem is that Jackson won’t be going to war.  He will go home to his big house in that white neighborhood where he lives, with his entourage of body guards protecting him.  People like Jackson never actually DO anything, they merely instruct others to do the dirty work.  

  • Sarah Roman

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  • Jaded Swine

    Jackson loves it when stuff like this happens.  He’ll try to spin it, exploit the racial component, and cash in on the conflagration that follows. 

  • Right Thinking

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    Jackson at his best!

  • tcbinc

    13 yr old boy set on fire and the national media does not mention it