From Fox 6 News:

Prosser allegedly put his hands on the neck of his colleague, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, during a confrontation in Bradley’s office on June 13, 2011. There were supposedly four other justices in the room.

“This case is not about whether or not David Prosser is a good or bad person, whether or not David Prosser is a good or bad judge or what his judicial philosophies are,” Frank Gimbel the commission’s special prosecutor said.

“This case is about whether or not his actions in June of 2011, when he admittedly put his hands around the neck of a colleague are consistent with the ethical expectations that we have with our elected judges.”

“The charges filed by the Judicial Commission are partisan, unreasonable, and largely untrue,” Prosser said in a statement. “They will be vigorously contested because I am innocent.”

“I just don’t agree with that at all,” Gimbel said about Prosser’s statement. “The judicial commission is a non partisan part of the state government. The people that are on there are people of high integrity.”!/markos/status/180720402421661696

This is clearly a political prosecution. Earlier, it was established that Bradley charged at Prosser with raised fist after he suggested her friend the Chief Justice might not be up to the job. His hands came into contact with Bradley’s neck as he lifted them to fend her off. She claimed that he’d tried to choke her. The testimony of other Justices told a different story.

The false charges came out as Prosser was campaigning to keep his seat. The only reason they’re being resurrected now is that there’s another upcoming election, and the Recall Walker forces want to be able to overturn Wisconsin’s voter ID law, which has been enjoined by Madison-based judges.

  • CrypticSound

    Can’t win a fair election so they try to destroy people’s lives. Democrats are one step closer to the ideals of Stalin and Mao.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    He was just trying to retroactively abort her, which makes it OK.

  • mllyjul

    Wisconsin is the home to many progressives and there is a long history there of progressives garbage. The Dems. Union thugs, et al will stop at nothing to keep their stranglehold on that state. For the record, walkers policies are working and that is why the recall effort will not happen.

    • savage24

      The very reason that Walkers policies are working is why the liberals are going to try to steal this election. Voter fraud is going to run rampant. On the recall petition, when signatures like Mickey Mouse were ok’d didn’t you get the feeling the fix was in.  

  • savage24

    What kind of legal system does Wisconsin have? The Supreme Court judges in that state cannot and will not tell the truth. At first the story came out that the woman attacked Prosser, now that the liberals got their story straight it’s the other way around. With this kind of justice, is tyranny closing in?

  • Daniel Burke

    Another example of the corrupt Dems being relentless. They are like mad dogs with a pork chop bone – they never let go of a juicy lie that they’ve drummed up.

  • steveegg

    Special prosecutor Franklyn Gimbel donated to Chief Justice Abrahamson in 2008.  Nope, no bias here </sarcasm>

  • AndrewsArmy

    Kind of destroys the 99% narrative of the left when the unions press their neighbors to pay higher taxes for the perpetuation of the union agenda. I thought taxpayers were part of the 99% narrative.

  • Rob Mooney

    Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. #AlinskyTactics

  • Teresa Nelson

    Markos is a pig, but besides that….14,000 Govt jobs were eliminated under Walker, which helped balance our budget.  And for the first time in 20 years, my property taxes went Down!! Thanks to the collective bargaining changes, a lot more teachers jobs were saved.  In January 2012 WI had an increase of 6,000 Private Sector jobs.  WI UE rate is 16th lowest in the nation and moving in the right direction.  There would have been 2,000 more high-paying mining jobs in WI except that the Democrats in the state senate voted against it a couple of weeks ago.  I am plenty irritated at the libs for trying to steal my votes cast for both Mr. Walker and Mr. Prosser.  It will cost the state a ton to have (our second) recall against Walker, but I look forward to voting for him again.

    • jdkchem

       That is not being very kind to pigs.