Angelia Phillips at Pat Dollard from SGTreport. Source at ABC said it was a test, but the SGT guy still had doubts:

Considering Romney won in Illinois, this seems a little paranoid to me. Some Ron Paul supporters need to turn down their gain a little bit.

  • jb7511

    This story is funny however,

    Collectively it is our fault Obama is in office. Maybe you
    as an individual didn’t vote for him but this still holds true.  You have to get involved at the local level.
    What is going on at the primary level is mindnumbing and it is worse during the
    General Election. Look up an organization called blackboxvoting read and see
    what is happening.
    Call your local party office and don’t ask, tell them you
    are going to help. What the precinct people are up to is unbelievable and it is
    from orders higher up. These people need to be watched and scrutinized. Many of
    them are lawyers but still need to be challenged. They have and are exploiting
    every weak link in the voting chain. THEY NEED TO BE WATCHED AND DOCUMENTED ON
    Get involved….THEY ARE… and that is how they are able to
    take the seats with close counts and recounts. This is a nationwide scam and WE
    are the victims.
    Please copy and paste this and pass it on everywhere you
    can. We need our Country back!!