Here’s Ms. Powers’ argument:

Bad news for the GOP on the religious liberty vs. contraception debate: Americans aren’t buying what you are selling.

A new Public Religion Research Institute poll released yesterday—which was done in partnership with Religion News Service—found that a majority (56 percent) of Americans do not believe that the right of religious liberty is being threatened in America today. Even worse for the right: A majority of Catholics (57 percent) and independents (58 percent) do not view Obama’s contraception mandate for religiously affiliated institutions as an infringement on religious liberty.

They are also losing on the key argument of the GOP, led by superstar Senator Marco Rubio: that religiously affiliated institutions should have the same protections as churches. PRRI’s chief executive, Dr. Robert P. Jones, told me, “Americans do believe that churches are special. There is no demographic that thinks that churches should be required to [provide contraception]. But a majority of Americans and Catholics continue to think religiously affiliated institutions should be required to cover birth control with no cost.”

The raging public debate and drumbeat from Republicans that Obama is infringing on religious liberty has been largely ignored. Says Jones, “There hasn’t been much of a change since our last poll. The numbers have been consistent. The bigger picture is most Americans and Catholics just aren’t connecting dots between the threat to religious liberty and the contraception debate.”

We understand that Ms. Powers has a tough job maintaining her liberal cred while going to the wall on the issue of media misogyny from people like Bill Maher, but the entire point of the First Amendment’s freedom of religion clauses is to defend the freedoms of minorities in the face of popular opinion as expressed in things like . . . polls.

The Founders evidently believed that certain rights were absolute, and the Obama administration’s attempt to dictate to religious sects what their core functions are and are not is tyranny, plain and simple. To speak merely of the Catholic Church, they have considered institutions such as hospitals central to their mission since Medieval times, and they base this crazy idea on such purported statements of Jesus as “Whatever you do to my brethren, you do also to Me.”

Obama seems to have no problem granting waivers to unions, who rallied vociferously to the support of his healthcare monstrosity, or to the Amish, or to corporations who make nice with Mrs. Obama’s dietary diktats. And it’s not just a First Amendment issue. We seem to recall that Mr. Obama praised the way in which his plan avoided the “one size fits all” trap. The Tenth Amendment grants states the right to decide what is best for them, whatever the Obama administration may believe, and this is of benefit to the nation, because we can see where various experiments have succeeded or, as in the case of RomneyCare, failed.

The Obama health insurance ‘compromise’ is no such thing, and we sometimes wonder whether Kirsten Powers has contemplated the meaning of the Bill of Rights any more than the ‘constitutional scholar’ in the White House has.

  • Guest

    It’s odd that providing contraception coverage to students proves to be such an imposition on their religious tenets yet they seem to manage it for their workers.

    • EnochRoot


  • NixTyranny

    Sorry, Staff, but it looks to me like the “56% of Americans (who) do not believe that the right of religious liberty is threatened in America today,” are the ones missing the point, not Ms. Powers for reporting it.

    • mymonkeyishuge

      You are correct. Must not fit “Staff” agenda.

      • vermontaigne

        It’s odd how neither you, nor the pollsters, nor Kirsten Powers have an agenda, but staff do.

        • mymonkeyishuge


          • mymonkeyishuge

             Yes, Mrs. Staff has enough agendas to fill all 16 upholders in her mini-van.

          • vermontaigne

             Having an ‘agenda’ is what you accuse others of when their ideology disagrees with your own. From staff’s point of view, the ‘agenda’ is the First Amendment.

  • EnochRoot

    the majority of americans would probably like their employers to make their car payments too. Dim. Bulb.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    Regarding Kristen Powers:  I never regarded her as a very deep thinker. I think that she is too busy spreading liberal propaganda rather than allowing reality to moniter her 2 + 2 = 4 mental process.

    But, be that as it may, this last Friday (yesterday), the Obama Administration has become blatant. His new game is “in your face” to American citizens:

    “Breaking: Obama admin widens abortifacient birth control mandate to college students:”

    However, I am not surprised that the Obama government has apparently expanded its “abortifacient birth control mandate to college students.” 

    It is strikingly pathetic that our government is now even more brazen and free to advance itself as the premier promoter of the culture of death, – and, in the process, suck its nation’s taxpayers and all of its population into this malevolent and miry mix.  If former Ted Kennedy were alive (and capable) today, he would be doing cartwheels in praise of America’s abortion genocide White House occupier:

    “What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller:?”

    I’m happy to witness that the Catholic Church and significant others have joined their collective voices to begin to push back and resist the Obama government’s dictates against our First Amendment freedoms, – and, for their support of the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” on behalf  of our nation’s posterity [succeeding generations]. May God have mercy upon their endeavors. Those of us, who do not have the organizational leadership influence, can aid them, by supporting their efforts, speaking up in the public arena, and by our prayers.

    • EnochRoot

      Pastor – we are all Brothers & Sisters in Baptism. In this fight, a unified Body – saw a great quote somewhere – “congrats Pres Obama: you’ve managed to do what no president as been able to to date… unify the Catholics in America”. An overstatement of course… but hopefully my cafeteria catholic brothers and sisters will come to their senses this time around. Even if he loses 5-10% of the catholics-in-name-only this time around, we all benefit. But more to your point: the Bishops of the RC are very keen for allies. In the end, Christians will have to unify to defeat moral relativism. And in particular, Christians are hated by the left because they are the levy the Atheist/Marxists cannot seem to break. Much like the 1st Amendment, had the left their way, they would shred us all… not just in the womb, but without. To them, the only good Christian is a dead Christian.

      • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel


        Very well stated! Christ did prophesy that His disciples would be hated [Gospel of John 15] .

  • FlatFoot

    KP is a good egg. I just wish she’d take the plunge and jump on over into the light, officially. Dwelling in the darkness where the cockroaches scamper about doesn’t seem like her. But then, all I know of her is what I have seen of her on TV and in print. So I may be way off the mark.

    •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

      If she jumped into the light, she would lose her chance at a Pulitzer.

  • Brian Cates

    It’s nice that Kirsten wants to challenge the Liberal double standard in the treatment of women, but she still has to demonstrate to the Herd that she is safely on the reservation on this issue.  

    Kirsten does not seem to have realized that if she keeps up this crusade to hold Democrat power players accountable for their behavior, if it ever comes about they need to throw her under the bus to protect the next Bill Clinton or  Ted Kennedy, under the bus she will go and they won’t even stop to give her a second thought.  

  • Rockvilleron

    Kirsten is an anomaly. She appears intelligent yet she recites liberal talking points in answer to real questions. Maybe its in her job description…

  • PlanetOfThe_Apes

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler

  • Neo Secularist

    Kirsten’s problem is that she does not account for the “liberty” of unborn children.  Indeed, when the baby is removed from the womb that is a “liberating” experience for women.  Why is delivering the baby dead, rather than alive, more “liberating” to those women who choose abortion?  

  • howcanwefoolyoutoday

    “We understand that Ms. Powers has a tough job maintaining her liberal cred”

    Might as well test barriers. Powers is bi itch. She gives little to get aloft. She made her views known a long time ago in the dust up with Kelly and her views have not changed; Fox News has. They have implemented their version of the Fairness Doctrine and in doing so, lost lots of viewers. Powers will agree to a certain extent to appear malleable. But its an audition to MSNBC or CNN. In this case the polls show her candidate has lost in the women voter category. But then she is a part of the thought that says women are stupid; all but her that is. Women can see right through Powers and do not like being insulted.

  • outtime

    Kristen was a one girlfriend of Anthony Weiner. That says it all.

  • Jacob

    Stoopid bitch

    • vermontaigne

       Hey, Jacob, is that really necessary, when she came out on the right side over Schultz’, Maher’s and others’ misogynistic comments?

  • mhojai

    Kirsten had a fleeting moment of lucidity when she managed to see the blatant hypricy in the media, but it quickly paassed and she has firmly regained her propaganda script.
    she has never been more thna a liberal hack, and never will be.