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On Thursday, we brought you the story of CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien and her contentious interview over Critical Race Theory. [Note: This was the interview in which one of O’Brien’s guests called Joel Pollak of a racist. See Twitchy’s coverage here.] O‘Brien contends the controversial theory isn’t, well, controversial…  But it appears O‘Brien’s viewers didn’t really agree: Monday, she had to tell people to “stop tweeting me” and declared “we have moved on people.”

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O’Brien hosted guest Prof. Dorothy Brown from Emory University to explain that Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a look at judicial decisions and race in America. She dismissed the counterarguments that say the theory “holds that civil rights laws are ineffective, that racial equality is impossible,“ because the legal system ”is white supremacist.”

O‘Brien didn’t include anyone on the segment to counter Prof. Brown and at the end declared the issue solved and dead.

So like a liberal to court controversy and not want to deal with the fallout. Go watch the video.

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher:

Today, rather than apologize to Joel Pollak and his wife for allowing one of her other guests to call him a racist, and rather than admit that she didn’t know what she was talking about and tried to win a debate by having an intern read a Wikipedia definition into her earpiece, she doubled down[.]

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  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    Everyday these lib extremists give new meaning to the word, “crybaby.”

  • MovingToNevada

    And the MSM claims they’re not biased. They’ve been protecting Obama since Day One…and will continue to do so throughout 2012. Sad, really. 

  • d1comment

    Quit challenging the legacy media. That is not what you are supposed to do. This could get embarrassing…for Soledad.

  • d1comment

    What does Jay Thomas have to say about all of this..? He’s really the expert here…

  • Righting Our Consent

    Old definition for PC- It is forbidden to write or speak on subjects which fail to follow the establishment’s line.
    New definition for PC- It is forbidden to tweet, write or speak on subjects which fail to follow the establishment’s line.

  • Chris M.

    O’Brien all of your newscasts are biased as well as NBC, the network you work for.  You cannot hide from the truth and stop trying to pretend you are its disciple. 

  • sevenlayercake

    Cool! Thanks for including my tweet 😀

  • Lucid_American

    Oh yes, Soledad would like us to move on but that isn’t going to happen.  She started this with her CNN producers and now she doesn’t like the fact that she has been shown to be an over inflated partisan, who touts her education and minority status as a license to be right – in spite of the facts.  

    This is the kind of vetting that should have transpired back in 2008.  Now, it is going to happen with such fury that the White House and their liberal supporters are going to be crying foul.   

    I have to admit I love it.  The media is finally getting exposed for being complicit in preventing the American people from having the facts they needed, to elect the next President of the United States.     Soledad, wants us to let it go and move on….I don’t think that is going to happen.  Do you? 

  • mutnodjmet
    • Lucid_American

      Looking forward to reading your tweets Leslie…   

  • pfbatt

    waiting for the “Leave Soledad alone!” video

  • Terika

    Stop meeting the TWIT!!!

    (Bill Maher would have said this so much more eloquently…)

  • dean0677

    I thought “guilt by association” ended with the flameout of the McCarthy hearings. I guess not. 

  • dean0677

    I thought guilt by association went out with the flameout of the McCarthy hearings.