Video via The Gateway Pundit:

  • NickDeringer

    Why do they hate Palin so much? It’s simple. She is courageously pro-life. She had the audacity to have a Down Syndrome baby; a baby which every liberal would have aborted in a heartbeat. By having the baby she exposed the heartless cruelty and selfishness of the Left. Trigg is a living reminder of the kind of vicious selfish monsters they truly are.

    That, my children, is why they hate Sarah Palin.

  • Chimp6

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry ….

    The demon shrew Sarah Palin must be stopped !

    Don’t Think, Just React – Obama 2012

    It’s about all they have left … Pathetic.

  • dryflyphotography

    Pres. O and his fellow Uber-Socialists hate the Truth!

  • SissyWillis

    Doesn’t matter that she’s not on the ticket. According to the narrative — alive and well — she’s a spiteful dimwit –> Whatever she says must therefore be untrue. Obama not valorous –> Obama is valorous.

    • annie2feathers

      Another Kool-Aid drinker! Wake up from the stupor you’re in. He’s not valorous at all. What he is is villainous.

  • BellWeather

    The old saying, “If you’re not taking flak, your not over the target.”  For someone they say is to stupid to be President, they sure spend a lot of money attacking her.  Actions are louder then words.

  • BellWeather

    Didn’t hear anything I disagreed with.

    • vermontaigne

      That may be, but . . . is he going to run against Bush again, too?

  • MovingToNevada

    I guess they still fear her…good.

  • Dan Nilsen

    Heres just another example of the lefty non-profits trying to stay viable

  • docpsych34

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Palin switched Parties. She could always switch back after the election.
    Never ever vote for a Democrat!!!