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Something changed in Hanks. As the producer for the anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change,” Hanks left the pedestal I had placed him on and entered the world of being nothing more than a merchant of Leftist smear.

Seriously, how does Hanks portend to to idolize America’s Greatest Generation as he’s stated in interviews about “Band of Brothers” while simultaneously supporting leaders who would make our grandfathers and their WWII brothers weep? How can a “patriot” support a president like Obama who would refer to the Constitution of the Unites States as “some rigid idea of what government should or shouldn’t do”?

Deciding to engage in a lying, disingenuous smear on Palin is even a step further into his ideological vomit. Hanks, with all his money, power, goodwill and influence, has chosen to join his Democratic friends in attacking a strong conservative woman with an impeccable record of success and service. Hanks has joined the likes of his fellow Democrat, Larry Flynt. As the Hustler publisher who brought his porn mag into the realm of focusing in on airbrushed women urinating, Flynt hopped aboard the anti-Palin bandwagon long before Hanks. Let us remember Flynt’s attack on Palin’s young disabled child. Flynt said young Trig Palin was not a life but a mass of cells that should’ve been aborted. Why Hanks would join forces with such a disgusting band of Palin-haters is beyond me. Maybe Hollywood got the better of him?

If Hanks was a normal, everyday guy, I’d almost get it. I once fell into thinking Palin was an idiot. During my transition from Left to Right, I bought the media lie that she didn’t read or even possess the ability to list off a few magazines. The Couric/Fey effort to deceive society had temporarily worked on me.

It wasn’t until efforts like Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated” that I saw the context of those interviews that made “everyone” hate Palin. Realizing I’d been deceived, I looked further. I found Palin to be someone who I not only admire, but someone who represents what the Left claims they idealize – a brilliant woman who successfully took on both Left and Right establishments for the good of people. Maybe everyday liberals wouldn’t step outside of their HuffPo echo chamber and realize who and what Palin really is. But Hanks is smarter than the average Joe. He knows Palin’s success story. He knows the men and women from our Greatest Generation would love and defend what Palin represents.

Go read the rest of this excellent piece. Hanks provides voice-over for David Guggenheim’s Barack Obama disinfomercial.

  • The Horntoad

    Get a grip, Tom.  Your attempted transition from funny to smart is not working out, so you would be better served to stick to what was working for you, although it might be too late to regain your glory.  Palin may be a lot of things, but a bimbo she is not.

  • Mama Bear

    I liked him better when he was wearing a dress. Not so much now that he’s wearing a commie uniform.

  • Chris Berg

    The rich and the dysfunctional poor are ganging up on the educated middle class and will plunder and destroy those “greedy corporations, (of working people), plunder their paychecks, home equity,  401K’s, and corporations till they’ve destroyed all the jobs, and the economy with the high taxes, ridiculous regulations, and lawsuits.   mensunion org

    • 20notsoonenough12

      Time to totally ignore these Hollywood low lives…..let the liberals support them!

  • agroulx

    If I ever want to see a Tom Hanks movie, which I probably won’t now – I will be sure to just download it. 

    I no longer support Tom Hanks. Hollywood is getting ridiculous. These people aren’t role models, they are just ignorant radical ideologues that smear people who don’t agree with them. Sarah Palin never did anything to these people. Not one thing. She is actually more aware of what the hell is going on in the world and understands reality. If people actually took the time to do their own research instead of just assuming celebrities are the smartest people on earth, they would understand her perspective.
    It should be in these celebrity contracts to not ever make any political statements, because usually they are always wrong and prove themselves to be ignorant. They think it is the “cool” thing to do is be a radical Obama progressive with a heart of other people’s gold.

    • Michael Langford

      These days, anyone promoting politicians, left or right, is an idiot. Period. There has not been a valid government in the US for decades. Pitting Americans vs Americans is all that people seem to know anymore.

      • vermontaigne

        And your solution is . . . ?

  • 8mineall

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ariel

    What lies? It’s well-documented that Palin is a moron.

    • 20notsoonenough12

      Well documented!…guess just like Obama’s propaganda documentary coming out! Libs love to s t r e t c h the truth…..really. S. T. R E. T. C. H it!

    • Kathleen Barley

       Where is it “well documented”?  MediaMatters?, Huffington Post”?  How about some credible examples?

    • Hiraghm

       Actually it’s well-documented that she has a remarkable memory.
      The leftist meme is that everyone who is not a leftist is a moron, and anyone who is a leftist, even a moron like Obama, is a genius.

    • Lucid_American

      Yes she is -as is the majority of Hollywood. Subject Hanks to the same level of scorn, ridicule, and scrutiny and I dare say he would not stand the test of the fickle news media or the American people. Be mindful of those whom you set upon pedestal for when they wall you are likely to get crushed.

    • william jenkins

      ….said the useful idiot

    • smiley2012

      Many of your comments demonstrate
      how weak thinking and ethical and moral poverty often run in tandem.

  • Diane Swietek

    Beware of sheep in wolf’s clothing. Liberals are the most hateful people and they say the most hateful things. Palin is very smart and at least she knows how many states there are unlike Obama

  • 20notsoonenough12

    Hank drank the Kool Aid….sad!

  • Lisa Ann Voida

    I know that Liberals are the worst brainwashed human beings. As for Tom Hanks, he probably got mentally off when doing the Dan Brown series. The Devil can come and enter into a man’s soul who compromises and compromises and then one day becomes the exact opposite he was years ago.  He wants to stay alive so he is on the Evil One’s bandwagon, while he will turn on the rest of us, even my own children who are for Obama have accepted the lies that Obama is saying, and they fully think he is right and true.  So ignoramus people are because we have lost Christ consciousness fully and have allowed the Obamobots to take over completely.  Please people this election is the last stand for us.  Obama, Romney, and Ron Paul are all giving you lies.  Please vote for Rick Santorum, otherwise we will meet again in the concentration camps they have deemed for us to enter and never leave alive.  This Lent pray and fast and then tell your friends and family to vote for RIck.

  • mllyjul

    Tom hanks is an actor. He can get in front of a camera and pretend. Somehow they construe that to mean they are smart. There is no smart on the left….only evil. His movie is an attempt to destroy a persons reputation thru dishonesty and lies….that is evil.

  • jeaneeinabottle

    It’s amazing how blatant Tom Hanks is, Hollywood wears their hate in what they produce and act out.  It’s sad that now our president is condemning success and having money, class warfare, I hope Hollywood likes not making money, have you noticed the so called *top* actors making commercials now.  They better watch out, they may get what they’re asking for, do they really think poverty and the banning ppl won’t touch them??

  • Lucid_American

    I am no fan of Palin, but blowhards like Tom Hanks, need to be cut down to size. I suggest that we boycott this overgrown boy scout and all his movies, endorsers, and the companies that he holds either public or private interests in. Once again, the Hollywood elite and Mr. Hanks in particular have forgotten that it is we the people that made him a success, by embracing his work – we are also the same people that can withdraw our adoration of him and break him. Game on Mr. Hanks, you’ve already lost…

    • John Gorentz

      Consider it done.  I watch only Russian movies.  Spending money on American movies only sends more money to the hate machine. 

  • Richard Matthews

    What Hollywood tax breaks is Tommie protecting? I already have Mr. Hankie on my boycott list along with GM, GE, Carbonite and many others.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    I think is obvious that Tom Hanks has fallen off his rocker, or, is schizophrenic, at best. For someone who has played major roles in films such as the Green Mile and Forest Gump, such dishonesty of the portrayal of Sarah Palin is unconscionable and disgusting.

    Am I or other honest people surprised? No. Why? We are aware that Hollywood breeds putrid pods from the liberal extremist walking dead.

  • DaveintheD

    You had him on a pedestal?  He’s an ACTOR.  The guy pretends for a living.  He’s also a leftist hack who has more than likely never volunteered to send an extra dime to the government but lines up and propogandizes for LIBeral Democrats and all of their big spending, big taxing ways.  Let’s take a look at Tom Hanks’ finances since he’s now officially entered the political realm.  Let’s scrutinize how “generous” he’s been, particularly to the U.S. government as he reaps $100s of million$ for ACTING in about 2 movies a year.  Allow me to be like a LIB for a moment and suggest that we have a “Miilionaire Actor’s Tax” whereby any earnings over $10 mil by ACTORS is taxed at a 95% rate.  That will still leave these wonderful people a minimum of $500,000, far more than the average person could ever dream of making in a year.  Now that sounds fair, right LIBs?  What good is “acting”?  How does that help poor children in Detroit?  Let’s tax the heck out of them!

  • $7421226

    that rabid animal obamacommunist hanks has lost huge fans in this family, if he is in anyway connected to it, we will not pay a cent.  and as for the WWII shows, he has hated America for its wartime and capitalist success, and it shows NOW,  AFTER he became a billionaire off OUR hard-earned money that went into stupid movie tickets…

  • $7421226

    hanks pulls up his dress for obama on that prayer rug in the WH.

  • BellWeather

    What a
    shame Hanks has become. I was talking with an old WW II Navy Vet. He fought on
    a destroyer during Okinawa, swatting kamikaze. He said if they had known
    what this country was going to become, they would not have fought. I almost cried.

  • donttreadhere

    Tom Hanks hasn’t changed.  It’s just that the person he’s always been is being exposed by new media.  As far as the Greatest Generation don’t forget that Hanks said the war against Japan was a racist war.  He’s bashed religion many times as well.  This is nothing new for Hanks.