Seems a huge overstep, to me:

Think about all the personal information we keep in our cell phones: It’s something to consider after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled it is now legal for police to search cell phones without a warrant.

Former Dallas FBI Agent Danny Defenbaugh said the ruling gives law enforcement a leg up. “I think not only will it help them, but it could be life saving,” said the former Special Agent, who was based in Dallas.

The decision stems from an Indiana case where police arrested a man for dealing drugs. An officer searched the suspect’s cell phone without warrant.

The judge in the appeal case, Judge Richard Posner, agreed that the officer had to search the phone immediately or risk losing valuable evidence. Judge Posner ruled it was a matter of urgency, arguing it was possible for an accomplice to wipe the phone clean using a computer or other remote device.

Seems the question is whether you own your information, or the government does. Expect a smartphone self-destruct ap, soon.

  • Ken Crow

    This is incredible. Now the government will be able to access your private info, computer and the rest of your life. What has happened to our constitution?

    • Hiraghm

       It’s on sale at Buy-n-Large, next to the remaindered Charmin toilet tissue.

    • Buck Stackhouse

       The Democrats ignore it and the Repubicans are too stoopid to defend it.

  • Hiraghm

    I foresee mobile encryption and security apps to become much more popular.

  • Hunrodr

    yea….that won’t stand…posner is a …..well…you kno