It seems that the president touted by the media as a sports genius and basketball phenom doesn’t know the name of the most famous team in the NBA. After years of liberal fawning over President Obama’s supposed basketball expertise we now find out that he doesn’t even know the name of the Miami Heat? Seriously?

Who’s his favorite player? Kevin Durants?

All this comes on the heels of Obama getting booed for insulting the Red Sox.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    BIG loss of street cred for Obe! He claims to be the b-ball prez, with his “braketz” and all. For someone who is supposed to know a lot about sports, he sure screws up a lot (Kaminsky Park, Nittally Lions).

  • debdash

    Well, there ya have it. He just lost Florida in November.

  • Lamont Mundane

    let’s hear it for the corpsemen who made the Heats championships …

  • conservativeBC

    Why The Oklahoma Thunder Lost To The Heat

  • misanD

    Miami Heats a Team…Obama Heats a Dog and Moocheele looks like she ate the WORLD!!

  • misanD

    He says “intercepted” to the crack pipe too…America needs a full time President not a part time Azzhole!! thanks for being such a “good example of poor behavior” I’m sure your father would have been proud if he could have stopped beating his wife long enough to notice…like that ever happened. not a chance those white eyes were not going to dot themselves…racist


    Poser Obama; what a smart fellow. I know the press corpse is gonna have fun with this tomorrow.

    • Midnight Cow


  • Lefty

    Let’s just keep the “heats” up on 0bama until he goes home to Chicago from D.C.

  • Lefty

    And 0bama calls himself a b-baller….. {facepalm}

  • dwoof1

    Obviously, Obama is correct. The Miami Heat is wrong.

  • Midnight Cow

    Naaaawww. Barry couldn’t have gotten the team name wrong; he’s a real man’s man.
    D’oh!! Stupid prompter!

  • Midnight Cow

    Our man Barry, Preezy of the United Steezy, is a real pocket-protecting geek, but in an effort to be “fair and balanced,” Romney did say he thought that a tall fellow he saw must have been involved in “sport,” so there’s that. But at least Romney isn’t trying to fundamentally transform the USA into a photo-negative of itself.

  • Paula J Mulvey Noakes

    Maybe whoever loaded the Teleprompter made the mistake. Yeah, that’s it. Blame the clerk who has to type in those boring speeches of his. They probably fell asleep halfway through and hit the “s” by mistake …

  • mhojai

    “57 states,” “the austrian language,” “corpse-men,” “Fort Hood was “work-place violence,” “I won’t enforce any law I don’t like,” etc., etc., etc., and “heats” get a rise out of them…that’s keepng your priorites straight!

    • ColdWarrior


    • Pablo

      Boy, that George Bush sure is dumb. I’m sure glad we’ve got a sooper jeenyus now.

  • rinodino

    If this is all you neo cons got then you’re in more trouble than I thought with Mittens

    • Tim

      Nope. This is just one of the things he does we can laugh at. The rest is just plain offensive or illegal.


      After 3.5 years of this clown you’re still this blind? I feel sorry for you.

    • NoDonkey

      You’ve got us, this is the first mistake he’s made. Other than that, his performance in the past 30 seconds has been brilliant.

  • FlatFoot

    “President Obama said ‘Heats’ — but he meant to say ‘Heat’ and accidentally tried to say ‘Eats’ simultaneously — because he was famished from all that traveling and he saw a stray dog gnawing on a chicken bone on the drive into town. He waxed nostalgic thinking about his own impoverished childhood — being born a poor black child and all — and it gave him a hankering for some Bangkok Bow-Wow. And so while he said ‘Heats’ and meant to say ‘Heat’ he inadvertently tried to say, ‘…for having the world-class Miami Eats here in town. Good eats. Real good. Damn I’m hungry.’ — and coupled with the sheer exhaustion of the whirlwind campaign trail plus running the entire free world at the same time — it all just got garbled up.” — Jay Carney (White House Press Briefing: Wednesday June 27, 2012)


      SUPPOSEDLY being born a poor black child. His grandparents raised him and they had money. Even his Mother was not hurting. You remember all of that traveling she did: HI, WA, Indonesia… He wasn’t poor. Never was he poor.

  • midnightgolfer

    Tooth whistle. I’m going to start selling Miami Heats jerseys on eBay, preempt what they did with Los Lakers.

  • badswing

    the media let his remarks about “Cominski” Park go without a peep. What avid Chicago fan thinks the name of a stadium is cominski and not comiski? ok, forget avid. I would think even the most casual fan, from chicago, would know its pronunciation. When asked further about his favorite players he couldn’t name one! not one!!! this guy is a fraud in every sense.

  • DirtyDave

    Is this like “feets, do your duty?”

  • Nicholas Petreley

    Obama is the First Leo Gorcey President.

  • NoDonkey


  • eyedoc11

    Do The Heats play at Lambert Field?

  • midasrex

    All the “he’s so out of touch” folks that were apoplectic over NBC’s video-edit/creating a gaffe for Romney last week will be similarly outraged about how out of touch Obama is, any moment now… any moment now…

  • Marks2Cents

    Can’t wait for him to say “goodbyes” in January.

  • Colorado Wellington

    Even the Democratics are laughing at him.

  • Richard Calderwood

    No, no, there ARE two Heats: one in this universe, and another in the universe in which Barry is elected to a second term. Unless this is the one in which…

  • Toronto Oscar

    No, no, you’re all wrong. Barack Obama is the smartest president ever and can’t misspeak like this. So if he called them the “Miami Heats”, then that in fact must be their correct name and it’s all the rest of us, including the team members and owners themselves, who are wrong when we refer to the team as the “Miami Heat”.

  • Thomas Stewart
  • PAG

    Obama really needs to stay away from sports. He obviously is a nerd & not a jock.

  • APO_AE_09173

    Be Nice. He is speaking “Ebonics” didn’t you know the president was bi-lingual?

  • Daggett Beaver

    Maybe Obama has the “Hots” for some of the players.

  • rbeccah

    Well, to be fair, they probably don’t have basketball teams in Indonesia.

  • LadyGolfer

    He knew what he was saying. In sports, that is how you insult someone. You mispronounce the name of their team. Sort of like scratching your face with only
    your middle finger, another Obama tact.

  • tedZilla99

    Since the Heats beat the Thunders this year, I understand that he’s hoping for next year’s NBA Finals teams to be the Utah Jazzes and the Orlando Magics.

  • ManORight

    Don’t blame him, it was wrong on the teleprompter