Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky decided the time had come tonight to abandon his father’s presidential bid and endorse presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. This, naturally, set off a flood of tweets.

Many Ron Paul supporters labeled Rand a traitor:

A good chunk of conservatives and Republicans were happy about the news:

Others were … confused:

And still more just found the endorsement to be kinda … meh:

  • Des Ballard

    In the animal kingdom we live in, the parents always look out for their young. This is why Ron Paul never really got into a pissing match with Romney and stayed in the race so long even though he didn’t have a chance in the primaries….He was setting up his son for the VP slot. If anyone didn’t see this coming, you weren’t paying attention.

    • Erick Brockway

      Did somebody announce Rand Paul is the VP pick?

    • darknessunender

      Sounds like Rand is being set up to be betrayed the same way Obama betrayed Hilary for the VP slot.

      The reality of selling out is that you never come out on top. You lose everything.

  • BwBarrnone

    All the Ron Paul fans better understand, What is is what is. They need to vote and sacrifice the battle to win the war. If they don’t then they will be part of the down fall of this great opportunity of Life, liberty and the pursuit!!!

    • darknessunender

      Ron Paul supporters need to ignore Rand’s betrayal.
      Romney is no different than Obama, he will only aid in killing our nation.

      • Armando

        Romney is worse than Obama!

  • Taxpayer1234

    Good for Rand Paul. Shows he has some sense, unlike his kooky father.

    • darknessunender

      You call supporting a man that funded abortions with tax payer dollars and has the exact same stance on Iran as Obama sane? You need a reality check.

      • Taxpayer1234

        Even insane people have some sense. I didn’t say I liked Rand; I just said he has more sense than his dad.

        • darknessunender

          And I said only a moron would endorse or support Romney. If you think he’s conservative, then you’re either not paying attention or delusional.

          • Taxpayer1234

            Translation: RonPaul is right and everyone else is left!

          • darknessunender

            No. I’m only referring to Mitt Romney, probably the most liberal governor Massachusetts has ever known.

          • Taxpayer1234

            So, that makes Dukakis a right wingnut, then. Sure. Whatever.

          • Frustrated Teacher

            Darkness needs to turn the light on. In exactly which Universe is Obama better than Romney? Most liberal governor of Mass? Geez pull your head out…that statement completely blows ANY credibility you could possibly have here.

          • darknessunender

            Why dont you actually look at Mass. Romney supported PP, individual mandates, and even initiated carbon taxes.

          • darknessunender

            That’s typical of you neocons. Twist the words of anyone that disagrees, and make sure you support the most liberal candidate of them all, and this year its Mitt Romney, probably the most liberal governor Massachusetts has ever known.

          • TomJB

            OK, darkness. Please tell us one issue with which you disagree with Ron Paul. Like it or not, many Paul supporters have given all Paul supporters a bad reputation in that any disagreement is akin to treason. Ive always believed that the only time you should ever agree with a candidate 100% of the time is when you yourself are the candidate, otherwise you are treading upon religious icon territory. We went down that path in 2008.

            Do you honestly see no parallel between Rand’s treatment today by many Paul supporters and Cory Booker’s treatment by Obama supporters?

          • darknessunender

            the only fact that is important is that Ron Paul supporters made Rand Paul a senator. They have the right to be pissed that he is a traitor.

            And Abortion. I lean more towards pro-choice. Happy? I dont agree 100% But he was the only candidate that wasnt an absolute fraud.
            Please. You’re just spewing BS here. People only hate paul, because the media told them to hate Paul.

          • Taxpayer1234

            He said “neocons.” DRINK!

  • darknessunender

    The warmongering Neocons are happy, but the people who recognize the real founding principles of this country are not.

    Rand, take it back, or your support base that aided you for your first
    run as a Senator will no longer be there. You turned your back on all of
    us, and lied saying the race is over when it clearly is not.

  • Rob Stevely

    When will Paulbots learn. They arent going to get their ideal candidate this time, so work on getting rid of the worst one…Obama.

  • John Smith

    Romney/Obama The Twin Brothers | Support Ron Paul

  • Joe Hilger

    Any dreamy efforts Ron had to translate his State delegate representative votes into support for his son, Rand, for the presidential nomination, has been fully dashed upon the rocks of reality. Thank you, Rand! There is 2016 for you to provide a better alternative than Romney II.

  • INCubbie

    I wouldn’t say Rand Paul abandoned his father’s presidential bid, especially when you consider Ron Paul sent an e-mail a day earlier making it clear he didn’t have enough delegates to secure the nomination. More like Rand has moved on to the general election with his endorsement.

    His endorsement hasn’t changed my opinion of him (he’s still one of the good guys, no doubt about it), but I still don’t trust Mitt Romney, so my vote will go to Gary Johnson come November.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      So, you are saying your vote will COUNT for Barack Obama in November….just stay home and pout….

      • INCubbie

        I’m saying my vote will go to someone I can trust….go back and bury your head in the sand….