As we covered live earlier tonight the Wisconsin recall election was called early and Governor Scott Walker won. This affirmation of fiscal conservatism and rebuke of unions set off a firestorm of reaction on Twitter. Conservatives, naturally, were utterly elated by the win.

Liberals had a decidedly different reaction to Walker’s victory.

UPDATE: Liberals start deploying the c word in force

  • Stupid Republic

    I’m glad that the losing side can express their disappointment so eloquently.

    • Splashes

      Ew, I feel so dirty now after reading that stuff, slimey, ew. As a former teacher I just want to make them all stay after school and write on the blackboard 100 times “I will not use foul language, I will be respectful.”


    • —–

      Just futher proof that liberalism is a disease, similar to Tourettes. It causes people to just blurt out completely useless, inane, silly tripe.

  • Kevin Alderman

    Breitbart Was There o/

    • ClassicFilm

      Sniffle… I still miss Andrew. And yes, Kevin, I believe he was there.

  • BO_stinks

    and in reality it wasn’t even close

  • JeffWRidge

    It’s good to see that the lefties are taking this loss with the dignity we’ve come to expect of them. Please don’t ever change lefties; I want the people to see the real you as you are tonight.

  • Mackie72

    Libs, always eloquent…. to the last.
    Enjoy your night, lil’ douchies!

  • BO_stinks

    look at the typical liberal arrogance against the voters

    • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

      It is an arrogance shared by the Obama administration and is a factor in why they will lose in November.
      What never ceases to amaze me is the raw hate some people have for Republicans. It reminds me of a rebellious teenager screaming at their parents that they hate them for making them take a responsible and rational option versus jumping off a bridge with their friends in solidarity.

  • KateNE

    Babies need their diapers changed

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Amazing the response of the leftists twits…like two year olds whom are not getting their way…as is exemplified by the occupy bullshit they have been pulling..

  • Mad Voter in MN CD 2

    Stay classy liberals!

  • Taxpayer1234

    Toddlers throwing a tantrum. Big surprise there.

  • MyAngle

    See, that is the problem. I don’t speak their language. Civil discourse requires civility. Just saying.

  • stillinthe60s

    Democrats, your angry, vile slurs and threats will never feed a hungry child.
    But it will harden our resolve to repeat the “whuppin” you just experienced, on the national level in November so for that I thank you for your most sincere expression.

    • David Thomas

      Perfectly said.

  • VirtualHybrid

    Judging by the expletives, Libs really HATE being the minority.

  • FrankR

    Barrett still talking about divided state. Way to bring the two sides together by telling your followers to “keep doing what you have been doing” Now go home Tom, and practice blowing that vuvulella.


    PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! *** happy dance! ***

  • Francisco_dAnconia
    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Its not trolling. If the words of honesty and truth bring discomfort, that’s only a side effect. As for the motherjones article: its the exact kind of spin to be expected of a looser. They didn’t loose because they were out voted. They lost because they were out spent, also ignorance…or some such. Also Koch brothers.

      • Francisco_dAnconia

        Please go explain, in those exact words if you’d like.

  • Junkyard Dog

    Either the libs will get remedial education assistance, or I’ll need for someone to loan me an ignorant-profane-thug-to-English dictionary!

  • delroymonjo

    Didn’t ANY of those ‘progressive” whack job whiners ever get that constantly repeated refrain from their parents, “Life doesn’t owe you nuthin!! Get back to work!”.?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    We should collect Ed Schultz’ bitter tears. I hear they cure cancer…or at least can be used to rid a house of bed bugs! Victory is so sweet.

  • Terri Sweeney

    oh the poor little progressive children
    such poor losers, and losers all.

    Go upstairs and ask your mom for a clean hankie to cry into.

  • APO_AE_09173

    SO….The Dems believe that it is right to Force teachers and public workers into unions against their will. Dems think it is right for the state to take money from the Teacher’s pay check and send it to the union bosses–even tho the union does not represent the values she has?
    In the short time Wisconsin has been a Right to Work State the Public Workers Union lost 2/3rds of the 60K members and that 7k teachers left the teacher’s union.
    That says something. It is the worker’s money and the worker should decide what to spend it on. The unions have betrayed the workers for political gain.
    This loss is the beginning of the liberation of American workers and stems the flow of cash to the unions and the DEM party machine.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Wisconsin was the punch to the gut. Now that their on the ground, hopeful we can deliver the Teabag come November. (And yes, thats a Tea Party joke.)

  • weRbroke

    Walker winning and D-onkeys coming unhinged…

  • tomtom1983

    You profane and ill tempered liberals can go suck on Obama’s “big stick”, ofcourse I mean after Biden returns it.

    Ha!! Look at all the racist libs post such inept indicators of their own intelligence and lack of tolerance. It must be hard to retain your relevance when your only argument is to project outward everything you lack as a productive and sentient being.

    Aww boo hoo

  • tomtom1983

    Libs came, they tried to steal and now they lost. It must sting something fierce to lose a recall they themselves called.

    Does it burn poor babies!! Good!!

  • BigDogJunction

    Hahaha! That was fun, tweeting sore losers.

  • tinker_thinker

    Hahaha! They remind me of obama. I bet he is saying the same crude stuff.

  • moto machi

    Walker wins! Walker wins! Walker wins! Fantastic!!!

  • cnreddpw


    I’ve read the c-word from so many Liberals tonight that I thought we were at a Mets’ ownership meeting…

    Political Wrinkles

  • Dave
  • Terry_Jim

    Those progs tweet with all the reason and logic of a vuvuzuela

  • datou1

    Ah yes this is the Dem party of today. I wish my deluded dear old Mother would read this but I don’t have the heart to show it to her.

  • Malice_in_Blunderland

    Looking at the illiterate babble of those mindless leftwing children It’s hard to imagine why anyone might want to get rid of teacher unions, bulldoze the entire education system and start all over.

  • bindare

    Don’t you just admire these union thugs. They are so classy and articulate. I also Wonder how much the Democrats and the Government Employee Unions spent on this ill-advised recall since they are crying about how much Walker spent. Congratulations to Scott Walker and the Tea Party for beating that un-holy alliance..

  • Travel With Dignity

    Stay classy Wisconsin Democrats.

  • BeeKaaay

    So how many conservative accounts were banned by Twitter today?

  • viperden

    Hey lefties, where did you get that the toilet store! now go back to your parents basements!

  • ClassicFilm

    There is no such thing as a gracious loser in the Democrat party. This kind of tantrum-throwing, white-hot raging “I want you to effin’ die” cowardly Tweet attacks are usually reserved for conservative women. Hey, libs, thumbs up that you now have graduated to calling men the C-word, and not just Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and other strong females who don’t want to support your lazy butts living in your mother’s basement.

    Now I need to buy a case of Irish Spring.

  • Botzilla

    The responses from the left are even more reason to take down the teachers union and reform education, these people are seriously flawed.