“Polish death camps?” Really, President Obama? How did you screw that up?

Of course, assigning ownership of Nazi concentration camps to the Poles didn’t go over well in Poland or at home.

  • mhojai

    The ignorant scum-bag-in-chief was too busy giving the highest civilian medal to an anti-American Socialist -one of his “peeps,” – to pay attention to anything as insignificant as historical facts regarding actual allies!
    He is a disgrace, and it is appalling that so many liberals want to give him a pass for his abysmal arrogance and stupidity!

  • Cait

    Please sign this petition requesting a formal apology from President Obama to the People of Poland for using the term “Polish Death Camps” when referring to Nazi concentration camps located in German occupied Poland.


  • Terika

    “Obama pisses off Poland”

    Come November, Poland will gleefully see
    that Obama pissed off
    more than 1/2 of America, too!!!

  • radjahshelduck

    Well this is understandable. It’s not as though President Obama began his political career in a city with a large Polish population!
    Oh, wait….

  • ozconservative

    This man is an embarrasment to the United States…

  • Fredddd

    Greta Van Susteren says anyone jumping Obama for this is ‘PETTY’…

  • reachrenee

    Obama and Biden = Dumb and Dumber