The new American’s for Limited Government project Free Market America has had its Twitter account suspended. Twitter has given Free Market America no reason for the suspension. This didn’t sit well with conservatives who want answers.!/stevepicray/status/194591102387490816!/PatDollard/status/194571354798960641!/michellemalkin/status/194587805672931330!/BillWilsonALG/status/194559419751727105!/DavidGuenthner/status/194585961810767872!/michellemalkin/status/194579125208494080!/FLFusionista/status/194585656285085696!/Talkmaster/status/194582832818028544!/michellemalkin/status/194586272805814272!/BobHicks_/status/194593788793065472!/ChrisBarnhart/status/194592843027845121!/AmeriChronicles/status/194591629452115968!/michellemalkin/status/194589903475048449


Update: After kicking up a Twitter storm, the account has been restored. Woot!!/FreeMarket_US/status/194619270351691776!/AdamBitely/status/194614281726210049!/AdamBitely/status/194618917686218752!/FreeMarket_US/status/194622498355150849!/FreeMarket_US/status/194619484743540739

  • Harbinger

    Make sure to RT these tweets!

  • Brian Cates

    And I note twitter account ‘killzimmerman is still up. Also no action was EVER taken by Twitter against Spike Lee or Roseanne Barr for deliberately violating Twitters rules by twittering street addresses of George Zimmerman & his parents to their thousands of followers.  

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    • Alaskan

      Yes, that the problem. A Twitter account created specifically to promote killing someone is just free speech but oh, the really grave threat of free markets!

  • Lazy Padawan

    Yet, you can threaten to kill George Zimmerman and post his parents’ (incorrect) address with impunity.  I’m beginning to think Eric Holder runs Twitter.

  • Fritz Wuehlier

    You got fight for your right to party! 

  • spot_the_dog

    Twitter seems to have form for suspending conservatives’ accounts without notice or explanation – if you ask around #tcot, you’ll find more than a few former victims of this practice.  It happened to me a couple of years ago; that’s why I now keep a “spare” account which has access to mirrors of my main lists, and have keep copies of my tweets.

    Could enough people who didn’t appreciate the video have clicked “report for spam” on the @FreeMarket_US account page that Twitter suspended it pending investigation?

    • TAMjeanee

      mine was one of those that were suspended without an email or reason. Sent several emails, still waiting……

  • cscape

    let me explain it to you folks…… they got a call from the White House and were told something to the effect of “cut them loose, or you can forget any future “Twitter Events” with POTUS… after all, it’s the CHICAGO WAY…. as we have learned, the 1st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution (the American Way) IS NOT the Chicago Way

  •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    I’m using hash tag #YouCanBlockUsButNotStopUs  We need to teach Twitter a lesson that if they try to silence us we will spread our message further than if they allowed free speach.

    • Alaskan

      That’s a good one. Will start passing it on.  Hey, just noticed that your Twitter handle is the same as my Disqus name. :-)

  • HuntingMoose


    time to move away from twitter.

    Use instead

    Not sure if the are as politized but at minimum we can signal to all those companies the consequences of their action in a free market based society

    (if we should consider another service, let us know, I don’t care as long as it is not run by another leftist hack

  • TAMjeanee

    I’d like to know why my twitter account was suspended, I did not receive an email telling me I was suspended either, just shut down, now going on 2 days. 

  • spot_the_dog

    Just FYI, Topsy still has the cache

  • sodacrackers2

    Seems like twitter has friends in high places. One call removes anything that does not further the “party’s” agenda. Speak the truth without fear.

  • jackieliz1228

    @twitter. Are you owned by Soros, too????

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    Conservatives need to start there own Twitter. 

  • HuntingMoose

    what is a good competitor of twitter/ alternative to twitter?

    • Taxpayer1234

      Perhaps Twitchy can start a Twitter competitor…How about it, Ms. Malkin? :)

      • HuntingMoose

        yeah, why the heck is that not part of twitchy?

        twitter is pretty straight forward to implement and it does not require oozles of server farms to run it.

  • Taxpayer1234

    If I wanted America to fail…I would censor Twitter accounts whose users don’t toe the liberal line….

  •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

    One of the (few) liberals I follow on Twitter often responds to over-exuberant respondents by getting here followers to report the user as a spammer and once, I even saw them mention, though not by name, having their contact at Twitter suspend an account. These are the bullshit tactics we need to, at the very least, be aware of…

    • Alaskan

      “at the very least”?  :-) 

  • TAMjeanee


  • Ellen Johnson

    I saw this on Twitter last night and was glad the twitter account was restored.  Is anyone else having a problem accessing their website ? I’m receiving an error message when trying to access.

    • Alaskan

      Hmm, if that is indeed their URL, I am getting an error as well.

  • ed

    get em michelle

  • $25277384

    What we need is for a conservative billionair to step up to the “plate” and start a conservative type twitter company.

  • TAMjeanee

    my account is still SUSPENDED!!!! have no idea why after several emails, still nothing from twitter, hey MMalkin, want to help me too? HELP