Tonight liberals again took to twitter and created a hashtag. And, again, conservatives noticed the hashtage and hijacked it. Here are the best reasons conservatives on twitter think “young Americans SHOULD vote #Democrat”.!/hipstervative/status/182355251611963392!/adamsbaldwin/status/182611058702290944!/gopfirecracker/status/182611408314302464

Liberals are so kind always coming up with these hashtags for conservatives to take over…

  • touchdowntony

    Because I don’t need no stinking job when I can pitch a tent at Zucotti Park

  • Brian Cates

    #WhyImIn Because nothing says you care like spending billions of dollars of other people’s money on failed projects.

    #WhyImIn Because I prefer to be judged on my pure intentions rather than upon my incompetence as I blow billions of your tax dollars..

    #WhyImIn Because someone as awesome and smart as me has to be dictating how the rest of you simpletons live. Or you’d wreck everything.

    #WhyImIn Because I can read the Constitution better than you can – oh look, just found a right to contraception! See how awesome I am?

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    I have no patience for liberal stupidity. No matter the age, the gender, the vocation. I’m always available to beat the liberal with logic and American truth.  Hey kids, wake up or fail in so many ways.

  • Mary Pieri

    Because it’s Bush’s fault….

  • Teresa Nelson

     Because I get my diploma in 6 weeks and it will be 5 more years before I can find a job if Obama stays in office.  I miss my mom and dad and this is a great excuse to move back in with them.

  • NOBO

    because it’s the only HOPE of getting free dope.

  • TheRightWingM

    #WhyImIn. Because birth control costs are hampering my ability to buy an Aston Martin

  • Jim

    Because the Constitution gives me the right to free health care, but not the right to practice Christian doctrine.