After a controversial interview in which CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attacked’s Joel Pollack as uninformed on Critical Race Theory, many critics took to twitter to complain about Soledad’s bias. So Soledad did another segment on CNN this morning with a liberal professor Dorothy Brown, which again claimed that Joel Pollack was wrong. Check out the video of the segment from Breitbart TV.

conservative critics weren’t satisfied at all with that segment, either. The Right Sphere even pointed out that Professor Brown’s book contradicts what she and Soledad said on CNN. So when Soledad told everybody to stop tweeting her about Critical Race Theory at the end of the segment, you can imagine how that went over. Not well.

Here are the top 20 #stoptweetingSoledad tweets:!/PamelaSeley/status/179357331023331328!/tropicaljames/status/179342362747736064!/bobbathehut/status/179312447834951680

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  • Also Wondering

    Two people telling the same lie does not turn it into the truth…….

  • Jonny Hancock

    A successful host would use the publicity to exhibit her strengths as a serious debater. Soledad is not a successful host however & is showing she can’t back up a statement with reason or facts. Soon enough Mrs. O’Brien you will go back to the shadow of obscurity where you best belong.

    • Terika

      Wait…she’s on CNN… she’s always been & will always be in obscurity! Just don’t’t tweet her to tell her so!!!!

  • panicinfunland

    Soledad O’Brien:  What am I supposed to be outraged about here?


    (It helps if you do Pollack’s voice in your head as if he were a ten year-old girl)

    • Terika

      The ten year old girl was the lying CNN hack. Maybe you should watch it again.

  • Dustin Alfortish

    Um… you might want to update this list.  

  • mutnodjmet

    @Soledad_OBrien shows: Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain. #stoptweetingSoledad #tcot

  • Terika

    There is no such person as Soledad O’Brien.

    It’s just Katie Couric with a longer brown wig, botox, a tan, and waaaaaaayyyyyy less brain matter.

    Lack of integrity is also a common trait.

    So, has anyone seen these two in the same place at the same time???

    Yeah…. me neither…. hmmm….

  • Citizen0000

    Maybe she should call Sarah Palin and get advice on what it’s like to be ridiculed in the media.

  • jana crain

    I think its interesting and telling how the tweets to Soledad from conservatives are not race based hate like they are with Michelle Malkin.