After news came down today that the Obama administration had successfully blocked a Texas voter ID law from going into effect Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, took to twitter to announce he was suing Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. The Texas Attorney General also released this statement on his website today:

“The Justice Department’s decision to deny preclearance to Texas’ Voter ID law is no surprise given the Obama Administration’s denial of a similar law in South Carolina. In anticipation of this decision, the Texas Attorney General’s office already filed legal action in January seeking judicial preclearance with the court system. The U.S. Supreme Court has already held that Voter ID requirements are constitutional and nondiscriminatory, and several other states–including Georgia, Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin–are allowed to require photo identification to vote. Texas should not be treated differently and must have the same authority as other states to protect the integrity of our elections.”

“Since 2002, the U.S. Department of Justice has prosecuted more than 100 defendants for election fraud. During the same period, election fraud investigations by the Texas Attorney General’s Office have resulted in 50 convictions. Those cases include a woman who submitted her dead mother’s ballot, a paid operative who cast two elderly voters’ ballots after transporting them to the polling place, a city council member who unlawfully registered ineligible foreign nationals to vote in an election that was decided by a 19-vote margin, a Starr County defendant who voted twice on Election Day, a Harris County man who used his deceased father’s voter registration card to vote in an election, an election worker who pled guilty after attempting to vote for another individual with the same last name, and a Hidalgo County man who presented another voter’s registration card and illegally cast that voter’s ballot on Election Day.”

  • Barbara Ann

    I am glad he is standing up to them. This bull from Obama dictating to laws in our states has to be questioned and stopped.

  • Barbara Ann

    so, Hispanics in Texas don’t drive, don’t cash checks, don’t buy booze or smokes, don’t register their kids in schools or take them to doctors, they don’t buy cough medicine or have bank accounts? If Holder/Obama think for a second we are buying that crap, they are more stupid than I thought. 
    But TEXAS is red and will stay red even the Democrats found away to get those hispanics to vote. TEXAS will never be blue.

  • docpsych34

    It is incredible how transparently crooked the Obama administration is. It reminds me of the California Congress Women who was caught on tape telling Illegal Mexicans they didn’t need to be US Citizens to vote.
    Never Ever Vote for a Democrat!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • farmingirl

      I remember scandals in the past, but THIS administration has REALLY been blatant with the double-speak and the cronyism! Even my kids have noticed, so it MUST be pretty obvious!

  • Terika

    Don’t mess with Texas.

    Go get the dirty, corrupt commie scumbags. They used voter fraud to get way too many of them in. They know it’s their only chance.

    It’s who counts the votes, according to them. Illegal, Dead, duplicates, and dummies… that’s their “voting block”. They will
    Break any law to establish their fraud, and they’ll do anything to keep it.

    How else can @20% lefties win elections against 40+% conservatives??? The ID laws should have been a given way back when voting began. And photo IDs as soon as photos were put on IDs. Duh!

  • Laurence Smith

    Thank God for a republican politician who will stand up to Obama administration intimidation. Legal entities need to do what Obama does when he doesn’t like or agree to a law, simply ignore it. Texas should go ahead and do what it damn well pleases with voter ID and dare Eric Holder to send military storm troopers or FBI agents.   

  • TraderBill
  • Richard Halavais

    Of course there is voter fraud, that’s how liberals get power and Holder’s efforts to help them is treason, pure and simple. He should be shot just like any traitor, including Obama.

  • dpmeek71

    Good for Texas. Heck if we don’t get rid of the clowns in DC next election Texas may be the only place on the planet left to run too.

  • Downer

    James O’Keefe proves the need for voter ID in N.H. with a classic sting. Ya gotta watch.

  • JamieD

    The DOJ cited recent Census data which OMITTED a distinction between citizens and non-citizens. So naturally, a larger percentage of Hispanics do not have valid identification for good reason (illegal), proving a need for this law. Secondly, how did they register to vote without ID? Isn’t it a crime to register non-citizens to vote? Since we know millions of “residents” are non-citizens, it goes without saying that a major fraud is being committed and protected by the help of the DOJ.

  • Superinfidel

    You have to show picture ID to REGISTER to vote. Just bring that same ID to the polling place.

  • CJ

    Eric Holder is still mad because Gov Wallace wouldn’t let his cousin Vivian Jones in University of Alabama..This is also the reason he suing almost every state that passed immigration laws and states that want voter ID laws..We have to have photo I.D to vote in Alabama.